True love will never fail, believes the hero of Swasame. He also believes that a good education will lead to a lucrative career which is necessary for a man to support himself and his family, before romance plays a part in his life. “Consequently, the hero (Sathya) spurns the advances of a girl (Prathishta) to prepare for the TNPSC exams. I have also built in a message to show that most students coming out of educational institutions in Tamil Nadu are well-equipped to appear for the IAS/IPS and TNPSC exams, with some effort and preparation,” says director Vinoth who was a co-director of Pravinkanth.

Entertaining fare

After a brief hiatus, director Vikraman is back with Ninaithathu Yaro which promises to be an entertaining love story for the family audience. Playing the role of Mohan, an assistant director, is Rejith in his first Tamil movie. A mechanical engineer and management graduate, Rejith is all praise for Vikraman. “Ninaithathu Yaro has come out well. The songs by Paul Raj, who earlier worked with Harris Jayaraj, are catchy and in different genres. The story is about how love helps a person progress in life. The heroine, Nimisha, extends all her love, affection and support to the hero to ensure that he realises his goal. That love transcends all is what Vikraman tries to convey in the film,” says Rejith.

International cast

Director-actor K. Bhagyaraj dons the role of a scientist in 3 Geniuses, a film made by Tamils settled in Malaysia. Directed by P. K. Raj based on his own story, screenplay and dialogue, 3 Geniuses stresses the advantages of nuclear and nano technologies in the modern world. Some of the important roles in the film are played by actors from London and Malaysia — Prasanna, Sasi Abbus Aghonderan, Sangeetha and Kavitha Jasveer Kaur. Notably, there are four villains from four different countries too — Yasin from Pakistan, Anand Raj from Singapore, Girish from Nigeria and Alibai from Arabia. 3 Geniuses has five songs scored by Aathish Uthriyan.

Powerful message

Director Ranjit Bose has made Madissar Mami with a strong social message. "Madissar Mami is about the much-shunned girl child in a traditional family. The film seeks to underline the fact that a girl child can be an asset to the family, when she grows up in the right environment and is given adequate support. The hero is an impoverished father of four girls. He meets an astrologer who tells him that if the fifth child happens to be a girl, he will remain poorer than now; on the other hand, if a son is born, he will become rich. The astrologer also tells him that if a girl is born, he should somehow ‘lose’ it. As fate would have it, the fifth child turns out to be a girl and the hero prepares to ‘lose’ her. Meanwhile, accidentally the baby gets lost. Much later, the hero finds that she is living in an affluent family in the most comfortable way and he regrets his intentions,” says Ranjit. The couple is played by Mithun and Manasi.