The Vidya Balan-starrer in Hindi, Kahaani, is being remade in Tamil as Nee Engey En Anbe. Director Shekhar Kammula has cast Nayantara in the lead role. The teaser trailer of Nee Engey En Anbe has just been released and Shekhar tells us he has made some changes to the original. “Making films with strong women characters is my forte. When I came across Kahaani, I was quite excited about remaking it in Tamil. But, I didn’t want the protagonist to be an object of sympathy on account of her pregnant condition. So, I did away with it in the the Tamil version and made her a vulnerable, married woman in search for her lost partner. To make the location similar to the one in Kahaani, I have shot the film in the old city of Hyderabad and the story talks about a Tamil girl coming to the city. The language factor (Tamil-Telugu) also comes into play as in the original,” explains Shekhar. Vaibhav plays the cop, while Keeravani composes the music.

Another love story

Twin brothers Ravi-Raja are known for films such as Ponnananeram, Kalakkara Chandru and Engarasi Nallarasi. Brijwas, son of popular Kannada actor Devraj (Villu, Satyam), is making his debut in the director duo’s Subramanya Sastri. “The story is about a young temple priest who falls in love with a girl (played by Haripriya) he comes across at a wedding. Unfortunately, they are from different communities. “Anticipating objection from her family, the boy’s family decides to masquerade as those from the girl’s community and seeks her hand. This fact comes to light, leading to chaos. Will love prevail over caste differences,” asks Ravi. The film, made in two languages, has been released in Kannada and is awaiting an early release of its Tamil version.

It’s party time!

A film without a heroine – that’s Gubeer for you. The story takes place one Friday night when six friends decide to have a rip-roaring party to drive away work pressures. “There are five of them, all childhood friends, who continue to stay together, despite working in different companies. Along with them is their landlord who joins in their revelry. On this particular night, something unforeseen happens and that forms the pivot of the film. It is a comedy-drama and the screenplay is something which has not been attempted so far,” says the film’s director Thilip, who himself has given up a lucrative corporate career to pursue filmmaking.