Aamani exudes a child-like enthusiasm when she talks about her role in Praveen Sattaru’s latest film Chandamama Kathalu. “It is different, it is path- breaking and I have never done such a role before. The role is short but it will create a huge impact and make people think. I would call it progressive; my co-star is Naresh in the film,” she gushes. Aamani will also be seen as a stepmother in Ramanaidu’s Nenem Chinnapillana and Lakshmi Devi Samarpinchu Nede Choodandi. The latter is a laugh riot in which she plays Lakshmi Devi, a celestial being who doles out money to produce a small budget movie.

Moving up

This actor is still waiting for success and is sure to strike it big one day. Tall, promising and extremely comfy and confident before the camera, Siddarth or Siddhu is mana Telugu boy who made his debut in Life Before Wedding and has worked in a Tamil film Vallinam. He had started by playing supporting and negative characters but is finally playing a solo lead in films. At the moment he has two releases coming up; he draws out the difference in roles. “In Boy Meets Girl, I am a clean-shaven, short-haired man and in Jagame Maya I play an unkempt looking thief. People who don’t know me will find it difficult to recognise me.”

Path to success

Nadiya is on cloud nine after Attharintiki Daaredi. “Unless you are there physically and you live around it, you will never understand the magnitude. I’m so happy! It is rewarding when people call and compliment me on the success; but honestly it is the team’s success. I was so scared of getting typecast; but for Trivikram’s persistence I would never have done it,” Nadiya says about Attharintiki Daaredi. As a person Nadiya says she is very tough, and no one can mess with her. “You don’t want to come across as a harsh person, you can be stern but there still can be a soft side to you. I am proud I made a small change in how mothers look and behave on screen,” she smiles. Ask why her role clicked with audience and she says, “The character’s emotional graph was set quite well.”

Patience pays

After Life Is Beautiful Zara disappeared. The tall beautiful actor says she is not in a hurry and is being choosy. Was her height a factor? “I am only 5.8; look at Deeksha and Anushka, they are taller than me. Height is just a myth and the wait is worth it. I got an important role in Rani Rudrama Devi and in Bhai I bring the family together as Nagarjuna’s sister.” She adds, “I skipped two years of education because of the beauty contests and now I have resumed my studies. My schedule ends in February, and am playing an important role. My patience has paid off, I found the right people and right directors.”