Those with a strong identity should help others trying to establish one of their own. At the same time, one has to be wary of such people to see if they have any ulterior motive. This is the message director P. A. Rajaganesan wants to convey through his forthcoming film, Vilasam. Rajaganesan had earlier co-directed (with A. R. Suryan) and written the story and dialogues for the critically acclaimed Amma Appa Chellam in 2006. “I found Pawan Jey apt for the lead role, though he has portrayed negative characters in some of his earlier films such as Pollathavan and Thagararu. He is paired with Sanam Shetty in this action-oriented family drama, scheduled for a July release. Raja Ganesan has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for Vilasam.

The journey continues

Perseverance pays. Director R. Viswa is proving this to himself as well as to his critics who have seen him struggle for nine years to get a break in the film world. “I know I have it in me to make it big in Kollywood. Besides, I am a film institute product. An opportunity came my way when Paadhai was launched in which I donned the hero’s role as well as co-directed it with Sumitran,” says Viswa. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Paadhai had to be put on the backburner, while another project came up. “Sillunnu Oru Payanam" is what I am directing now in which I play the second hero with negative shades. The story is about a small group of friends that includes the heroine (Navya), hero (Sohaib) and myself. With bad intentions, the character I play outrages the modesty of the girl, when the hero is away in distant lands. On his return, when the hero realises what has happened, he takes it upon himself to set right matters against several odds,” says Viswa.

Twins make their debut

Director B. Anand was in search of an ideal hero to do a double role in his film Guru Sukran. As luck would have it, he ran into a producer who suggested two boys. “He read the script and asked me if I would like to meet his twin sons. Both were six-footers and well-built. I thought to myself I didn’t have to make the same actor do a double role! But, they were a bit overweight and had to shed about 20 kg to play the roles of a police officer and a drug addict,” says Anand. He has paired the twins, Guru and Kamalnath, with Sadhna Titus and Thavarai. Guru Sukran is a family drama packed with suspense,” says Anand whose last release is Mounamazhai.


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