She is a Bengali girl living in Mumbai and now making her debut in a Tamil film. Aavaana is quite excited about her special appearance in a song in director Cheran’s upcoming film, JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai. “Although it is a small role, my excitement stems from the fact that it is a Cheran film and I am sure it will carry a lot of weight as far as my career is concerned. Interestingly, during the making of this film, I did get several Tamil film offers but I waited for the project to be completed. Now, I have signed one film which will be formally announced by the producers in January 2014,” says Aavaana. Meanwhile, the Bengali beauty has signed a Malayalam film to be directed by Dhinil Babu. “It is a heroine-centric film and I have Asif Ali, Biju Menon and Indrajith as my co-stars. We will start shooting in November. I have also signed a Telugu film,” informs Aavaana.

New hero in a laugh riot

He made his mark as a comedian in the company of comedy stars such as Goundamani, Senthil, Vadivel and Vivek. Now, Jayamani is ready to launch his son Varshan as hero. Despite a well-paying job in the IT industry, Varshan’s sights were set on the silver screen. The first film in which he plays the lead, Athu Vera Ithu Vera, is fast getting ready for release. “After doing a role with grey shades in Nanbargal Gavanathikku, I now play a villager whose is keen on making it big in the city. He comes to Chennai with the intention of becoming a don. The kind of situations he gets into and the lessons he learns are told in a humorous way,” says Varshan, who is paired with Sania Tara in the film. “I will wait for the release of this film before I decide on my future projects. As an actor, I am willing to take on any challenging role, irrespective of the genre of the film.” Varshan has undergone a tough training session with leading stunt and dance masters as well as taken acting lessons from a Koothu-p-Pattarai troupe.

Set in an unusual background

He was the winner of the TV show Nalaya Iyakkunar Season 3. Bharati Balakumaran's short film Udiri was about a professional drummer at death ceremonies. “When I got the opportunity to make this into a feature film, I developed the script to include a love angle. Hence, Mahendran, who did the original role in the short film, was paired with Malvika Menon in the feature film version, Vizha. Malvika plays a singer at death ceremonies. Ironically, their love blossoms at death ceremonies. The setting is rural, but the overall background has been given a different treatment. The climax is the most important and I would like to keep it suspense for the time being. Does death give a life to their love? Is there a happy ending or darkness as in death? Wait and watch,” says Balakumaran.