Here is another bike racer making his entry into filmdom (remember Dilip Rogger in Udumban?). The grandson of Pulavar Pulamaipithan, Dhileepan Pugazhenthi has used his racing skills while performing chase and stunt scenes in his debut film, Yevan. Director K. M. Durai Murugan’s maiden directorial venture focuses on the mother-son sentiment and the need for love and respect within the family. “The daughter-in-law, played by Deepti Manne, works towards improving relations between the mother and the estranged son. A lot of emphasis is given to the mother’s character played by popular singer Ujjayinee Roy,” says Durai Murugan.

Small screen, big impact

From his first independent directorial venture, Sathya in 1988 till date, director Suresh Krissna has made several big films with stars such as Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Mohan Lal and Chiranjeevi. In the midst of his success run, Krissna made a bold move to the small screen with a television serial, Arangetram, which is now running on Puthuyugam TV. “Actually, a big bi-lingual film project in Telugu and Tamil got delayed due to the political developments in Andhra. Meanwhile, the producers of the Mahabharata serial approached me to help them complete their project due to some internal problems. After this, Arangetram happened and I was enthused by the topic which dealt with gang-rape and its consequences. In a society that squarely blames the victim rather than the perpetrators, she is left without help. To bring the culprits to book, and to prove that she has done nothing wrong to go through hell on earth, the protagonist Vijayalakshmi in the serial takes things into her own hands. How does her husband react to it? Does her new family support her in her endeavour? The story unfolds interestingly,” informs Krissna, who will resume the mega film project in a month or two.

Back after a break

Director A. K. Abdul Rahaman has embarked on his next directorial venture, after a brief hiatus, with Olichithiram which deals with marital relationship. “The man of the house (played by Vishwa) is physically challenged. He is married to Kamna Singh. Adhavaram plays the anti-hero who uses emotional blackmail to take advantage of the heroine’s marital status with her physically challenged husband. How she spurns his advances and overcomes her problems forms the crux of this family-oriented action thriller,” says Rahaman.