He has come a long way since his debut in Inidhu Inidhu; Narayan quickly followed it up with the role of a drug addict, constantly pulling the hijacker's leg, in Payanam and as Trisha's boyfriend who played mind games with the hero Vishal in Samar. “But it was the role in Oru Kal Oru Kannadi as Hansika's boyfriend that got me the most recognition; after that I was even referred to as the OKOK guy” says Narayan. Steadily climbing up the success ladder, Narayan has three movies in different stages of production. “Besides 6 Candles in which I play Shaam's best friend and Boologam in which I play a college hotshot who often locks horns with Jayam Ravi, I am looking forward to my role in CSK which has negative shades. CSK is a thriller set in a mall. In real life, I am working in a mall and that’s what attracted me to the role. It was great working with director Sathya who was an assistant director in Inidhu Inidhu,” says Narayan who is also playing a lead role in Bad Boys in Malayalam directed by Sajeevan.

Janani in C. V. Kumar’s production

Patience, perseverance and self-confidence are what brought the talented Janani Iyer to the notice of serious filmmakers. With her entering into a two-film deal with producer C. V. Kumar, she feels her success streak has started. “Avan Ivan and Paagan in Tamil and 3 Dots in Malayalam are my last releases. I have just started shooting for Kumar’s production Thegidi directed by Ramesh. Here I am paired with Ashok Selvan (Pizza 2). After this, I may do another Malayalam film, following which I will probably be doing the second one for Kumar. In Thegidi, a crime thriller, I play a bubbly college student. It’s a pleasure working with Kumar’s team; they are so professional and meticulous,” says Janani.

Set to steal the show

Shakthi (Vasu) and Poorna may be the lead actors in director Raghavan's upcoming Padam Pesum, but it looks like Priyanka Kothari will steal the show appearing in a song titled ‘Kannamoochi.’ “While I am confident that Shakti's role will be a major milestone in his career, the film made on a budget of Rs. 10 crore will have all the necessary ingredients to make it a complete entertainer. Watch out for Shankar who plays the second lead. Priyanka’s journey in Kollywood has not been eventful after her debut (as Nisha Kothari) in Jay Jay. Her cameo in Padam Pesum will give her a fresh lease of life,” feels Raghavan.

Gautam lends his voice

The Satish-Priyanka Reddy-starrer Endrendrum, directed by Sinish, is getting ready for release. Two major highlights of Endrendrum, according to Sinish, are Gautam Vasudev Menon lending his voice to an intro and music director Dharan’s compositions. “This movie is supposed to be a director’s narration and I am thrilled that Gautam agreed to do it. In one sequence, he explains the Chaos Theory and how it affects an individual’s life, and in the second, he introduces the hero,” says Sinish. That the audio CD is being released tomorrow morning (on Sony Music label, at Satyam Cinemas) sees an excited Sinish talking about the song sequences: “There are three songs and a short number on the CD. Of these, ‘Thoda Thoda’ is a beautiful romantic duet which has been filmed as a fantasy sequence replete with graphics and sung by Haricharan and Ranina Reddy. Besides the songs on the CD, we will be recording one purely for promotional purposes,” informs Sinish.