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Updated: June 14, 2012 16:42 IST

Causing a ‘Katrina'

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Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif. Photo: Special Arrangement
Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif. Photo: Special Arrangement

Model, Actor, Item Queen…Katrina seems to have many tags to her name. Get up close and personal with your favourite star.

Many of you would have danced to the tunes of Sheela Ki Jawaani or to the tunes of Chikni Chameli – Katrina's item numbers and their success stories are a sure shot indication of the furore Katrina has created in the industry.

Beginning her career with “Boom”, Bollywood's very own Barbie girl started her trail of success with desi hits like “Namaste London”, “New York,” and “Partner.” Now at the peak of her career she has certainly carved a niche for herself, be it item songs or chic roles. The glamorous diva talks to us about her career, advertisements, choosing films and more…

There're a lot of stories about why you took up acting and how...So what is it?

For me it was a natural progression. I felt I had achieved what I wanted to in modelling and I've always looked for a challenge. I was getting film offers so I decided to give it a try. I started in Hindi films with Ram Gopal Verma's “Sarkar” and David Dhawan's “Maine Pyaar Kyon Kiya.”

You have done ads, ramp shows and movies...what do you enjoy the most?

Once I started films I found great fulfilment in acting and my songs. But at the same time ad films are a welcome change… it is a platform where you get a chance to create something visually beautiful without too many restrictions. I always take a keen interest in what the story is , how it will look etc. …I walk the ramp for a friend or a special brand. I always find them nerve-wracking. Stage shows, however, always require a lot of work from the act to the rehearsals to the stamina required but once I'm on stage I enjoy it

You have made eating mangoes a whole new experience with the aamsutra ads ... what do you think?

You can romance any other fruit the same way but there is something inherently sensuous about a mango. At the same time I think the creative team found a way to put a whole new meaning to it. I think it's one of the most creative ideas I've seen. And it helps that mango is my favourite fruit.

Tell us a memorable incident while shooting an ad…

Well Slice ads are always adventurous. Our last one being shot in rural India was quite an experience. I was a little nervous as the ad was a slightly different then the others we had done so far. But the response we got has been amazing

As a celebrity, you have to be cautious about putting your name to a product. So how do you choose endorsements?

I think you have to find a connect with the brand. Money cannot be the first criteria. Or it is an international brand I've grown up being aware of it. Sometimes I've believed in the product and found it cute and refreshing. Also a lot of the brands I endorse have a wonderful image already, so it's nice to be part of that image.

How do you single out scripts? What is it that makes you choose one?

I choose films on a very instinctive basis. For me, the film comes first and then what I'm doing in the film. My aim is to be a part of films that people will enjoy.

Are you satisfied with whatever you have achieved till date?

Every day before the camera is a challenge and a new obstacle; every film is a different experience. Some are fun and you breeze through it; others are a struggle as you push yourself for a particular role. You never know what to expect when you start a new film; it's a new journey every time.

What kind of films do you want to have in your kitty?

I would want to do all kinds of movies. I think variety is important. Of course I think every actor strives to be a part of films that will be remembered. But you have to choose from what is there and believe that the best will happen.

Besides fame, what is the upside of being a star?

The position it allows you to choose your work, I think that is a huge bonus and one is very fortunate to have a choice. Beyond that you are in a position where your name can help others or bring awareness to social causes one may choose to support

There was a lot of talk about your accent but you have used it to your advantage... tell us how many more roles can you do that justifies your accent?

I don't think it's about that. The audience knows I speak with a particular accent but whether it is luck or destiny they have accepted it. It does not stop them from enjoying the film. My job is to do the best that I can as an actor. I am not the only actor who has an accent. If you look at other film industries — French or American — there are actors who do well in spite of having an accent.

Your best summer vacation experience…

I took all my sisters to Spain one year. It was so much fun as we hardly get a chance to be together; much less on a holiday. I think people found it amusing…seven girls roaming around with my mom.

What keeps you from joining twitter? How do you react to your bogus twitter pages?

I'm not sure why someone would create a fake page when everyone knows I'm not on twitter. It's just a personal choice. I would feel bad if someone said something unkind. Why would I want to be open to that? And I'm not sure I'd know what to put on twitter. Many of my colleagues who are on twitter get off for the same reason.

Favourite holiday destination and why?

Anywhere, anyplace that has a beach. I love beaches and the sun and that would make it my best holiday.

If you are product come up with a tagline for yourself..

God knows maybe I should ask the creative team for Slice


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012

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