Will Seedan be a runaway hit like Thiruda Thirudi? Subramaniyam Siva lists the highlights of his forthcoming film

Director Subramaniyam Siva's first movie, Thiruda Thirudi, starring Dhanush, made a big impact on the audience. So naturally expectations are high with the duo (the director and the actor) coming together again for their next venture, Seedan. Subramaniyam Siva talks about the film and its highlights in an interview.

How does your film Seedan differ from your previous films?

While my previous movies were hero-centric, this one is heroine-centric — it deals with a woman's emotions and is dedicated to women. I saw the film in the re-recording stage; I am happy it has shaped up well. A responsible man means a happy family, but a responsible woman means an entire generation that's happy. That's the power a woman wields in society.

Do you see any changes in Dhanush since your first movie Thiruda Thirudi?

When I worked with him in Thiruda Thirudi he was only 19 and an up and coming actor. Now he is a star. But it has not gone to his head. He has come up with an excellent performance in the role of a cook in Seedan. As soon as I gave him the script, he was particular that he didn't want to use make-up. Dhanush has worn only two veshtis and five shirts for almost 25 scenes in the film. He has not even worn slippers. Every time he accepts a role, he transforms himself into the character the story demands — this is Dhanush's greatest attribute and success mantra.

With many directors turning actors these days, will you too jump on the bandwagon?

A successful director will naturally turn out to be a great actor; likewise a successful actor can become a good director. There are great examples — on the international scene Charlie Chaplin, Mel Gibson and Roberto Benigni, and on the national scene Ritwik Ghatak, Nana Patekar. In Tamil cinema, we have greats such as Kamal Haasan, Ameer, Sashi Kumar, Samuthirakani and Mysskin. When a director wants to become a successful actor, his success entirely depends on the script he chooses. I have quite a few opportunities coming my way, but I am not satisfied with my characterisation in the script. When I find the right script, I may join the band wagon of directors becoming actors.

What are the highlights of Seedan?

As I told you earlier, this movie deals with the emotional side of a woman. This is one of the biggest highlights besides Dhanush and Ananya's fine acting. The music by Dhina is outstanding and, along with the screenplay, it breathes life into the film. The camera work by Sreenivas enhances the beauty of every frame. We have also roped in Sheela of Chemmeen fame, who has acted in more than 800 films, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Ponvannan, and Ilavarasu. Another highlight is Vivek's comedy.

About the making of Seedan

The nature of the story and screenplay is such that the film didn't require any technical sophistication. I know films can be made in 60-70 days. When we work with new faces, they can be made fast, but not when several busy artists are involved.

Are you satisfied with the way Seedan has shaped up?

We have used Carnatic music for the re-recording, while a big star like Dhanush plays the role of an ordinary person. Hindu mythology is the central theme of the movie. Faith plays a major role in Seedan. A word of appreciation for the storywriter of the original version (Nandanam in Malayalam) Ranjith and the producer Amit Mohan for helping me recreate this wonderful film.