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Updated: April 22, 2010 15:50 IST

Bounty of life

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The Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter

What's it like to play a bail-jumping ex-wife? Jennifer Aniston has the answer

She's run for miles and miles. Been through car chases and crashes. But Jennifer Aniston isn't complaining. She's had a good time shooting for The Bounty Hunter that opens on Friday. In a breezy chat the television actor-turned-silver screen star opens up on the movie, Gerard Butler and her penchant for romantic comedy. Excerpts:

Why did you want to do an action comedy?

I loved the suspense. It just seemed like fun. I've never really done something that had action.

You really had to go out of your comfort zone for this movie?

I've been thrown into a trunk, run for miles and miles in four-inch Manolos, been through gun shot-like car chases, crashes? it's been so much fun.

Tell us about Nicole and Milo's relationship and what went wrong.

She's a reporter and he a cop and so they sort of break things down together. And then I guess, they drift apart, not paying attention to each other. So the things they loved about each other become the things they get annoyed with: her commitment to work, her lack of attention to him or vice versa. The fun about watching this story is as he's chasing her he gets involved with pursuing the story with her, and so they get back into the fun of what their relationship was.

What do you like about Gerard Butler?

Gerard is just funny. What's so great about him is he's absolutely disarming. You think you should be afraid of this gorgeous Scottish actor, but he's really a softie. Just a fun, sweet guy, kind to everybody, and really collaborative. He's so committed to work.

But you're still ruling the romantic comedy genre?

I love them. I wait for funny scripts. I love to make people laugh. I love to laugh. I think we need to laugh.

Is it true you're taking singing lessons for your next film?

It's a film called Flea that's due sometime next year.

Were you ever in the choir?

No, but I went to arts school so we had to do everything ? sing, dance?

Everyone wants to know, is there a Friends reunion in the offing?

I don't know. There's been no talk of it between us. But there are rumours on the Internet.



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