Movie: Good Night Good Morning

Cast: Manu Narayan, Seema Rahmani

The perfect combination of the right ingredients produces a scrumptious meal. Likewise, the ideal combination of ingredients such as humour, romance, tragedy and comedy constitute the fate of a successful film. Keeping this simple sutra intact, Sudhish Kamath weaves together one of the best poignant love stories of the recent past.

En route to Philadelphia with his pals, Turiya drunk dials Moira, a stranger he recently met in a bar on the eve of New Year in New York. They engage in an all-night conversation and in the process rekindle the lost and long forgotten love, romance and friendship within themselves.

I wouldn't call this a perfect love story but definitely the kind of love story that you would yearn to experience. The film screams out loud a simple message — in anonymity lies something that can occasionally generate unlikely romance.


Sudhish has chosen the brightly lit New Year's Eve streets of New York over some place in India for a reason; to exemplify the idyllic ambience and mood for love in the film. Similarly, the protagonist's friends', as in the other characters, are embodiment of various emotions one would experience on the brink of love — temptation, lust, uncertainty etc.

Every dialogue between Turiya and his friends is a subtle reminder of what one would ask or ponder over when in love. A lot of detailing seems to have gone into every scene, especially in scenes such as Moira walking out of hospital, which apparently is not one but Sudhish makes her hold a file with some hospital's name on it to make it appear as real as possible. Soothing rendition of some evergreen music adds flavour to this film.

Bottomline: For once, give an offbeat flick a chance.

HARICHARAN PUDIPEDDI, working professional


Sudhish KamathMay 11, 2012