Sci-fi blockbuster Avatar may hit theatres once more as Fox Studios is planning to re-release it this summer with additional scenes that were originally left on the cutting room floor.

The studio plans to show filmmaker James Cameron’s epic primarily in 3D theatres, since the Academy Award-nominated movie had to exit digital and IMAX screens when Disney launched Alice in Wonderland on March 5, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although the film has already broke global box office records, Fox feels “it could have raked in even more money if it had been able to hold on to some of those 3D screens“.

“Cameron had about 40 minutes of material that didn’t make the theatrical cut in the rush to make the movie’s December 18 release,” IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond said.

With the extra footage, even fans, who have already seen the flick could be reeled back in for a second viewing.

One such scene involves leading man Jake Sully’s avatar proving himself to Pandora’s Na’vi people. Another features a native festival where tribe member Tsu’tey gets drunk.

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