What it is about…

Manuv Productions’ Uyir Mozhi is directed by Raja and produced by Shanmugapriya. At a colourful function, director Prabu Solomon released the first CD, and directors Shanthakumar, Ram and Gaurav, along with the film unit, received it. Manuv, Rajeev, Sarthaj, Chauums, Sasi and Boby Antony comprise the cast. Besides directing, Raja has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Santhosh Narayanan has scored the music while Dilip Subbrarayan has choreographed the stunts. The film is about five male characters who fall for a girl called Priya. How their DNA works and whom Priya chooses forms the story.

Music highlights

‘Ennavo’ written by Muthamil and sung by Pradeep Kumar and Kalyani Nair is good, while ‘La La,’ written by Arun Raja, is sung well by the music director himself. ‘Oru Murai’ is an interesting song, sung and written by Pradeep Kumar. ‘Ilavatta Thaalam,’ sung by Antony Dasan and Arun Raja, who has also written it, is a sure winner. With electro/dubstep/funk influences, ‘Mellinamey,’ sung by Kedharnath Sairam and Sharmila and written by Muthamil, is sure to appeal to youngsters. ‘Vanathil,’ written by Na. Muthukumar and sung by the music director himself, comes as the last song.

What it is about…

Producer Shanmugapriya: Whenever my husband Raja is involved in direction, I take care of the production side. This is a first-of-its-kind film based on the DNA of a person. Each and every frame will be interesting and I am sure we have a hit in hand.

Director Raja: I worked as an editor and later as a creative director in an advertising concern. I have done around 30 ad films. It has been my ambition to direct a feature film. This is a love story told in a different way.

Hero Manav: I am from Mumbai. When I came to know from one of my friends that Raja was searching for a fair young man, I sent him my photos. He asked me to come over to Chennai. An audition was done and in no time I was in the project. This is my first film as hero. I have started learning Tamil as I am keen on doing more Tamil films.

Music director Santhosh Narayanan: Basically a keyboard player, I have worked as a programmer for some years. I was in a band called ‘La Pongal.’ Then I got the opportunity to compose the music for Advaitham, a national award-winning short film. A big break came in the form of Attakathi and now I have scored the music for Uyir Mozhi and Pizza. Some of the songs I had scored for a private album have been used by Raja for this film. We have used the services of Grammy winner Leon Zervos, who has mastered the tracks of Uyir Mozhi at Studios 301.