What it is about…

Besides direction, the story, screenplay and music of S. K. Entertainment's Sa Love Ba are by Sanjay. The film, produced by Noor, features Toyajaksha and Manjushree in the lead, with Pruthisa and Madhushree playing important roles.

The romance that develops between a Muslim girl Sajira and a Hindu boy Bharath and the problems they face forms the gist of the story. The dialogues and the lyrics are by Mohan and the camera has been handled by Kisan Sagar. The dance sequences have been choreographed by Thirumurugan. The audio of the film was recently released.

Music Highlights

There are seven songs in the album. The best is ‘Ennoda Kadhal Kattru' sung by Srividhya and Koushik. Enge Nan Ponalum' and ‘Unnai Parkavillai', both by Prabhakar, are worth listening to. He has also sung ‘Kodai Megam', a duet with Padmalatha — a song that's sure to appeal to music lovers. Koushik and Padmalatha have done a good job of ‘Neeye Yen Uyirnadi.' ‘Mama Muthamthada,' rendered by Manasa and Prabhakar, is sensuous, while ‘Chinnanchiru Vayathil,' sung by Padmalatha, is noteworthy for its lyrics.

What they say…

Producer Noor: The film is entertaining right from the first frame till the end. The arresting climax that the director outlined inspired us to take up this project. The technical aspects of the film are also of a high standard. The film is about love that transcends caste and religion.

Music director and director Sanjay: The very title of the film is unusual. I have used the first syllable of the names of the heroine and hero — Sajira and and Barath. That explains the title Sa love Ba or to be more precise, ‘Sajira loves Barath'. As it is a love story, we've made it as interesting as possible. We shot the film in Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad and Puducherry. It is a bilingual, shot in Tamil and Telugu.

Hero Toyajaksha: I finished LLB in 2010. As I was interested in acting, I began scouting for a break in films. I did a film titled Kal Ka Nawaab in Hindi, followed by a Telugu film. Sa Love Ba is my third film. As it's a bilingual, we shot for almost 20 days in Chennai, and for the same number of days for Telugu in Hyderabad. The film is titled Barath in Telugu and Sa Love Ba in Tamil.