What it is about…

The audio of Hanu Cine Creations’ film Mythili was recently released. Present at the launch event were members of the film unit and lead actors Navdeep and Sadha. ‘Metro Films’ Jayakumar received the first copy of the CD. The film has been produced by Ramesh Kumar, the camera is handled by Selvakumar, the music is scored by Vikas Murugan. Suman Shetty, “Kadhal” Saravanan and Pandu form the rest of the cast. The story is about a young girl, a top model in the U.S., who comes to Chennai for a week to buy a property. What happens to her during that week develops into an interesting film.

Music highlights

The album comprises five songs, the best being ‘Made in India’, sung by Anuradha Sriram. While ‘Aaram Arivin’, sung by Padmalatha and Guru Ayyaduri appeals, ‘Ae Thanjai Jilla’ sung by Hemambika, and ‘Jill Jill Jill’ and ‘Enthan Elamikku’ rendered by Padmalatha, provide some pleasant musical moments.

What they say…

Producer Rajesh Kumar: I am a businessman and forayed into film production, persuaded by a friend. I toyed with several story ideas, till director Suriyarajan came up with a good story and a powerful script. I am happy to have produced this film and feel it will be well-received.

Director Suriyarajan: I have worked as an associate to some of the best directors such as Ram Gopal Varma for the past 20 years. I am currently directing a suspense thriller in two languages, Tamil and Telugu. Both my hero and heroine have done a good job.

Hero Navdeep: From Arindhum Ariyamalum to Aagen I have done seven films in Tamil. Mythili is yet another good film, which is sure to give my career a boost. I play the director’s role in the film, while Sadha plays the model.

Music director Vikas Murugan: I was born in South India and now work in Mumbai as an assistant sound designer. I play a number of instruments — guitar, violin, flute, mandolin, bongos and veena. When I met director Suriyarajan, I gave him one of my CDs. After listening to it, he asked me to compose a song. I did so in a few minutes and was chosen to direct the music for Mythili.