Why don’t we see you much on the screen anymore?

Million dollar question! I have no answer for that.

Is it because you’re looking to play only the lead?

Perhaps. But, it’s also because I don’t go after people to bag roles — am bad at PR!

You started at a young age

True. I was only in Class IX when I did Amaravathi with Ajith. Maybe the industry thinks I’m old now, but the truth is I’m young and raring to go.

Does it mean you don’t get offers anymore?

No, I do get offers. But, it’s just that they don’t interest me. I’m doing director Harirajan’s Manmadharajyam now. Sadly, you don’t see the Bollywood trend here. Actor Kajol was paired with Shah Rukh Khan many years ago, and even after marriage and a child, she gets to pair with him now.

Have you achieved what you set out to?

Not really. Of course, I’ve done a few good films, but I’m waiting to do a few more with substance.

What’s your advantage and disadvantage?

My advantage and disadvantage are pretty much the same — starting early. I’m happy I’ve been around for so long, but, I think, if I’d started after college, I’d have done more good films. Thankfully, my films in Kannada and Telugu kind of made up for what I missed out on in Tamil — I did Pithamagan in Kannada and Sindooram in Telugu. I’m also fortunate to have done films such as Porkaalam and Bharathiraja’s Andhimantharai in Tamil.