Your debut Sethu was a blockbuster. Why did you move away from films after that?

I entered the field when I was still studying, and movies did not interest me much. I wanted to finish my studies and then take a decision. But, by the time I wanted to make a comeback, I'd lost all my contacts, and so put films on the backburner.

But, you did a couple of films, right?

Yes, but they were not significant, and did not help me become a name to reckon with. After half-a-dozen Tamil films and a couple in Kannada, I migrated to the small screen, where I am doing well.

Do you feel bad that you did not last longer in films?

I don't regret anything. I'm just happy that I got to do some good roles in movies, especially in Kannada, and in serials.

You're now married. Do you think the big screen will still beckon you?

All I sought were good characters, a big banner and correct remuneration — something not possible in cinema. But, my options are always open, provided a good role comes my way.

How different is it working for the small screen?

The job is the same, but the television industry works at a faster pace; they finish four to five scenes in a day. It also helps that I find constant work, the payment is on time, and there is no outdoor work involved. And, I've just finished “Thangamana Purusan” in Kalaingar TV; my other serial “Thirumathi Selvam” is being telecast on the Sun network.

Has marriage affected your career?

Not at all. In fact, I've cut down on work since I've recently had a baby girl. But, I'll be back in action soon.

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