Experience Watch “Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan” with kids. It is the only way to enjoy the film thoroughly

You are forgiven for thinking you have stumbled into a kindergarten school instead of a multiplex. On a Sunday morning, the place is swarming with kids along with parents, uncles and grandparents to catch Chhota Bheem of Dholakpur in action on the big screen in “Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan”.

With Bheem and his gang of friends emblazoned across their colourful t-shirts, there are kids everywhere you turn. Damyaan, the evil snake, stands no chance in the face of such loyalists.

Bhagavathy, a class one student wearing spectacles, two cheery hairclips and a Chhota Bheem t-shirt, spoke non-stop about Bheem all the way up on the elevator to thecinema@Brookefields.

The minute the title song came on, hundreds of kids joined the singers on the screen, chanting Bheem's name and tapping their feet to the beat. From then, it was an endless treat — fights and Tuntun Mausi's laddoos.

Little Aditya Mithun, all of three, loves his ‘Chhotapi'. He claps in glee when Kalia's minions Dholu and Bholu appear on screen. Thanks to Aditya, his mother Chinthu has also become a fan of Bheem. “My only worry is that he likes to eat laddoos like Bheem, swallowing them whole!” she smiles.

For five-year-old Naren, the movie is a birthday treat, and his entire family is with him to watch Bheem battle the evil forces of Damyaan. Bheem's special for Naren because it was the first TV series he watched.

“She loves the programme and I decided to bring her for the film as a special treat,” says Vasanth Raj, indulgent father to Shravya Sanjanaa, a class 3 student.

As for Sanjanaa, the character she loves most after Bheem is Raju. “I love Bheem's fights, but I don't like laddoos,” she says, apologetically.

As Bheem walloped Damyaan and his cronies, the claps got louder. By the time the end credits rolled, even the adults were having a hearty time chanting the magic mantra, “Jam Jam Jamboora”.