K.V. Ramanachary makes his film debut with ‘Devasthanam'

After taking voluntary retirement from his post as Principal Secretary, Endowments, K.V. Ramanachary has made his debut in Telugu cinema. It comes as a little surprise as he was always known to people from the film industry and other walks of life as a connoisseur of literature, arts and culture when he was Commissioner - Information and Public Relations .

In a free wheeling chat, Ramanachary talks of his new role as an actor in Devasthanam, “My heart has always been with arts and culture and I consider myself lucky and feel gratified to be a part of everything Telugu.”

Ramanachary had always nurtured a desire to be an actor and even pursued theatre in college. At 22, he resolved to be an actor but as he says the almighty had other plans for him and only now at 60 he has four films on hand and is putting on the grease paint somewhat reluctantly. He quips, “Director Janardhana Maharshi met me and insisted that I act and that he had already put in my name in the script and has waited for me for months. I hadn't made up my mind but Maharshi said that he would choose someone else but with little or no satisfaction at all. That was when I gave him the green signal. K Viswanath and S.P. Balasubrahmanyam also spoke and I was quite happy to be sharing space with the stalwarts. I asked Maharshi to narrate the story and I felt I read it somewhere and when I mentioned that he said, ‘of course you did read. The book is Gudi and I am the writer and now I am directing and producing t,' and things moved quickly and smoothly from there.”

He adds that he had no qualms doing the particular role and given a choice he would have played the same to a live crowd in Ravindra Bharati.

The character was that endearing and what assumes significance is that while being an EO of TTD, he played the role in Devasthanam.

He considers himself lucky to be working in the area of his choice and now taking up a vocation that has always been a passion.

Does the film have in it to become a commercial success as a large audience have given up hopes of watching a good Telugu cinema?

Ramanachary avers, “I firmly believe that we should continue to encourage such cinema. Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Vemana, Mahatma Gandhi all spoke wisdom, didn't the world listen? We should continue to do good things, spread good messages and make films bereft of any apprehensions and negative thoughts. Some directors are creating beautiful cinema, whether people embrace it or not they continue to put in that effort for their satisfaction hoping that it would make a good impact on society, those who know the value will assimilate it. I respect such cinema.”

He comments on the tagline, “Tirupati Laddantha tiyyati Telugu cinema”...” Laddus are available in all temples but there is a great deal of importance attached to Tirupati laddu for its sanctity and purity. There cannot be a superior line than that, watching the film or eating the laddu is like having the Lord's darshan.”