Movies have replaced literature and those who haven't read Janardhana Maharshi's book Gudi can seek enjoyment and fulfilment of a beautiful philosophy directed by the writer himself. The tagline that says Tirupati laddantha thiyyati cinema couldn't have been more apt. The genius in S.P. Balasubramanyam and the undying optimism of K Vishwanath, the sparkling and ever smiling Aamani are the main factors that bind the story. The story itself revolves around two contrasting personalities who get together to serve humanity through literature, art and music. Burra Katha and Hari Katha, the age old form of story telling are brought alive in a simple and an easy language to help the contemporary generation understand, appreciate its beauty and carry home some lovely lessons. This is one of those films that have the potential to change a human being and make you think after one watch.

Srimannarayana (KV) lives alone and spends all his time in the temple and Sambasiva (SPB) runs a sari store. Sambasivas' life revolves around his wife and home which he considers a temple. The latter is spotted by Srimannarayana in a temple one day and Srimannarayana approaches him — an absolute stranger — with a request that sounds ridiculous and stupefying to any person. Much to his chagrin, Sambasiva is greeted by the old man day in and day out; eventually upon his wife's insistence he gives in to Srimannarayana's request. The duo become friends and from then on it's fun and philosophy.

SPB brings out the child in him and his rapport with both KV and Aamani is engaging and heartfelt, Aamani illuminates the screen. She has never been an actor who relied on giggles, here she cuts down the heaviness of the theme and makes for a pleasant watch. There is Kovai Sarala as well who in her inimitable screeching style brings out the laughs by playing a housewife obsessed with saris and is seen spending all her time in a sari store. K V Ramanachari who makes his acting debut here , gets a meaty role and becomes a harmonious blend of a relevant cinema. The introduction and title song are haunting. Films like Devasthanam make us wonder whether the jury in Delhi really understands the beauty and meaning of such Telugu lyrics, the music and its philosophy. Let's keep our disappointment aside and enjoy the philosophy and entertainment of Devasthanam that is like an unexpected but a beautiful shower this summer.