Genre: Comedy

Director: Jagdish Rajpurohit

Cast: Kavin Dave, Sharat Saxena, Sanjay Mishra, Sudhir Pandey, Mandy Takhar

Storyline: A contract killer needs to put up with a pest of a suicidal man threatening to endanger his mission with sheer stupidity

Ups: Considering that the film begins with a fat man caught with his pants down sitting on a commode (all gloriously recreated with painfully detailed sound effects), you know what to expect — a load of what should rightfully be flushed down the toilet. How's that an up? Because the very first scene tells you how bad the rest of the film is going to be. You can still get out, cut your losses and maybe still catch another film in that time. Yes, it does pack a few laughs despite the poor taste and crude sensibility but most of it is thanks to the comic timing of the talented few. Sharat Saxena and Sanjay Mishra do crack us up occasionally. Kavin Dave is no Vinay Pathak from Bheja Fry but he compensates by being fat enough to be funny.

Downs: Bumboo wears its toilet humour sensibility like a badge of pride and amuses itself with as many obnoxious sounds and sights as possible, mostly from Sudhir Pandey who plays a fat man with flatulence issues.

Bottomline: A wannabe Bheja Fry, this crass, scatalogical humour-infested stagey remake is just about funny enough to make you source out the French original L'emmerdeur (“A Pain in the Ass”).


Sudhish KamathMay 11, 2012