Ahuti Prasad is back in action after a brief gap, his films Dammu, Kalyan Ram's 3D film and Seetamma Vakitlo is still in progress. Now that his oldest son Bharani is married and settled, the actor is enthused and anxious about his youngest son Kartik's career. Kartik is a pilot and has evinced keen interest in movies. The buzz is that Anand Prasad of Bhavya Arts whose film Neeku Naku Dash Dash is due for release has okayed a project that has Kartik, Naveen (Naresh's son) and Vikram (of Manasara) as the heroes and it would be directed by make-up artist Raghava's son, the shooting of which will take place in Bangkok from next month. Ahuti however was not available for comments.

Making a debut

Ishita Dutta is Tanushree Dutta's younger sister. A student of Anupam Kher's acting school she has done couple of print ads and worked as an assistant director as part of her assignment while studying. Ask her on what she has heard about Telugu movies, she quips, “I know quite a bit on Balakrishna, NTR..that's where people begin the conversation from when you land here right? The craze for movies is much more here. So many times in Hyderabad I went to the theatre without booking tickets and I came back disappointed. It is always housefull here, it isn't like that in Mumbai.” So what is her role in Chanakya? “I play an exuberant girl and Tanish's love interest. The unit has given me the dialogues much in advance to memorise.”

Bold and nice

“The real artiste in you comes out only when you do a bold role like this,” says Bhargavi who played a small part in Ee Rojullo. She comes out with the choicest epithets when she finds a guy wooing her friend. Bhargavi is doing MBA in Pharmaceutical Administration in SRM University, Chennai and lives in Shivam. She has done many inconsequential roles in films like Keratam, Body Guard etc but this one has given her confidence a big boost. She adds, “people are aghast at my dialogues but I think I portray a very contemporary girl. Most girls are different at home and project an entirely different attitude outside. I had absolutely no qualms doing it and am loving every minute of this publicity and attention. I was actually supposed to do a tiny role but the director was impressed and prolonged my character.”

All clear

A tiny role in Na Istam got Harshavardhan Rane all the recognition which a full length role in Thakita Thakita couldn't do. The good looking actor and his co-star Poorna are on the verge of finishing Avunu being directed by Ravi Babu and produced by Suresh Babu. It has been an arduous climb indeed from working in a STD booth to a cyber cafe to becoming a film actor. “My dad is from Gwalior and my mom is a Telugu speaking person, very early in life I decided what not to do,” says Harsha. The actor who has clarity in life looks for clarity in roles as well and he is mighty happy that working with Ravi Babu gave him a big relief and high. He adds, “He breaks things down like mathematics into simple equations and you keep joining them with every dialogue and every scene.”

High pitched

Another talented singer makes his debut as a music director. Teja's discovery, the 24-year-old Yashwant Nag who works for Radio Mirchi sang four songs and composed all the music for Neeku Naku Dash Dash. The Guntur boy's guru is his 90-year-old grand mother, a violinist and a veena player. The youngster sings on a high pitch and that is his forte, he adds, “Yes, even one of the song in Teja's film has a high vocal range. When I was in plus two I would play on heavy metal drum. I've done engineering and I do have an understanding on the technical aspects of music. I also worked as a ring tone composer for a company, in a cartoon networking company and also at Prasad Labs.” Yashwant says Teja selected him the moment he heard my previous album and jingles, he was taken aback at the promptness.