Raajita is balancing her career in movies and medicine perfectly. An NRI from Nellore, she is doing her MBBS final year and is anxiously waiting for the release of her debut movie My Heart Is Beating shot in America. “Acting de-stresses me, even while I study I take a five- minute break. There are people who are focused on their studies, I'm not one among of them, I'm balanced,” she says. Raajita wants to specialise in paediatrics as she loves children and ultimately open a hospital for children. Both her parents are doctors. She adds, “I'm too young to fall in love but I had my share of crushes. I do speak Telugu but someone else had dubbed for me as my character Harika comes from India and the film maker didn't want an accent. This film will make everyone think as we sometimes don't always think what parents have done for us.”

Dream debut

Revant, a student of Geetam College, Vishakapatanam makes his debut next week. My Heart Is Beating...Adhola happened to him when he went to the US for his Masters and ever since it's been movies on his mind. He even plans to return after a while and take up acting as a career. Revant quips, “During my stay I learnt film-making, did a couple of You Tube videos and got an amazing 100K views. We posted the same on Face Book too and I was called for auditioning. I finished my studies and worked in a company for a while. I don't see any reason why my parents should be upset. In fact they are encouraging me to go ahead.” The actor says he was at loss of words at the audio launch as his dream had come true and is eager to see the reaction of his friends and teachers at college to his work.

Too hot to handle

Rajashekar's heroine in Arjuna, Maryam Zakaria finds Andhra food very tasty but spicy and often tells people to give her something bland. “We aren't used to eating anything this spicy.” An Iranian who grew up in Sweden she came down to India in 2009 for a career in modelling and movies. She adds, “I've been watching Indian movies since I was a kid and wanted to be a part of it. My next work is in Na Istam with Rana. I do item dances, choreography and also acting. Telugu songs particularly have a different beat, they need a lot of facial expressions.” The Diyyalo Diya girl of 100 percent Love has toured Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam and Chennai a number of times but stays in Mumbai. Will she marry an Indian? Maryam laughs it off, “At the moment I'm focused on my work, I haven't thought about it.”

New kid on the block

The cute kid who plays Karthik (Gaurav) in Rushi stresses he didn't turn fat after eating all the chocolate gifted by his friends in the movie, . Gaurav comes onto the screen in the second half of the film to heighten the emotional quotient.

Ask the seven-year-old child of Sri Aditya Concept School in Vijayawada if he wants to continue acting he says, “Definitely, I want to become Mahesh Babu.” Tell him there is already one he quips, “never mind I will then become Raviteja.” Gaurav is apparently a good dancer and he was spotted performing for a channel and then roped in for the movie by the director.

His principal is mighty thrilled as Gaurav is the first child artiste from the school, he didn't mind giving him a ten-day off to attend the shoot.

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