Ayyare Anisha!

In one of the scenes in Ayyare, Anisha Singh steps on the weighing machine and is appalled by what is displayed. She removes her shoes first, then her pull over, followed by each layer of clothing and anxiously watching and waiting to see her weight drop by a few kilos as an attentive hero and a comedian look on. Though Anisha didn't have much to do she brought smiles from the viewers. Tell her that she looks nice and healthy she reacts, “Thank you, but I hope I don't look too healthy.” The Mumbai girl says she's waiting for the release of Ayyare — her debut project was a pain — she wasn't aware when the film would be out, so she absented herself from being in Hyderabad for the release or publicity. Anisha Singh quips, “We got reverse publicity and I'm glad people are beginning to like the film. It took a year and a half to complete and release it..”

Calculated tunes

The 27-year-old Sri Krishna says that he being an M.Sc in Math is of no help but is gratified that his singing career is taking off. His recently-released numbers are from Kshetram, Rajendra, Ma Abbayi Engineering Student and one from the about to be released Damarukam. The talented Sri Krishna became a familiar face when he was adjudged the winner for S.P. Balasubrahmanyam's Padalani Undi programme, he did an encore for a programme in a Kannada channel. “My parents insisted on me completing my studies, they were not supportive of my singing career. They felt a lower middle class boy wouldn't make a living from singing songs and poetry,” adds the young singer. The most memorable moment of Sri Krishna's life was accompanying S.P.B and Chitra to the US for stage shows and singing for Ashta Chemma.

Spirited girl

She is the one who plays the spirit in Play. Photogenic and confident, the role was a cakewalk for her. She is an anchor for one of the channels and is working in two serials Sakshi and Kalavari Kodalualalu. Sri Lakshmi hails from Kodad in Nalgonda district and has completed MBA and a course in fashion designing. She says, “My passion is to design, I missed out a chance to design costumes as an assistant designer for Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar due to inevitable reasons and I regret it.” The actor still can't comprehend how the director of Play saw her and selected her in a jiffy for the role and asked her to report for shooting the next day. “I was apprehensive at the briskness at which things started moving, they were happy with my work and that is what matters.” Sri Lakshmi is game to playing the lead as long as the roles offered to her are homely and doesn't require exposing, she explains.

Bheemavaram talents

Looks like Bheemavaram is churning out many talented artistes and directors for the Telugu film industry. After Sunil, Trivikram, Suresh it is now Ashok. Ashok plays a fear-stricken young man in Play which revolves around a game of spirits. He recollects bagging the role all of a sudden when he and the director were playing the spirits game. “After the game ended, the director said why not develop a story around it and from then on things started moving.” Ashok is a B.Tech and underwent coaching in an acting school. He bagged a small role in Kandireega immediately and is now a part of Tanu Weds Manu remake; some day he would want to do roles that Prakash Raj is seen in.

On a song

This std XI student from Delhi Public School loves to gorge on ice creams but says it is only recently that she started getting conscious about being a singer and the necessity to be careful about her voice. Ask Neha what she did with the five lakh she won in the music competition held by a television channel, she quips, “They didn't give me the entire amount. I donated fifty thousand from it to an orphanage and I kept the rest.” Kalyani Mallik who was one of the jury members for the programme had promised her a song after a couple of years as her voice wasn't matured yet. He kept his promise and has offered her one number from Balakrishna's about to be released Adhinayakudu. Neha started singing from the age of three and it was her mother who encouraged her. Her favourite singers are Karthik, Sonu Nigam and SPB.

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