‘Pig Man,' directed by Avira Rebecca, talks about how travails, one after the other, shatter youthful idealism.

Without the customary hullabaloo that surrounds most film shootings, director Avira Rebecca is canning some sequences for his next film ‘Pig Man' at a bus stop near Vettimattam in Thodupuzha. Jayasurya and Remya Nambeeshan, who play the lead roles, are facing the camera.

“The story of ‘Pig Man' is based on writer N. Prabhakaran's story of the same name. It narrates the plight of an honest youngster who finds himself in difficult situations after he raises his voice against some wrongdoings,” says Avira Rebecca, who won the Kerala State Film Award for the best debutant director with his 2007 film ‘Thakarachenda.'

Unprecedented twists

Sreekumar (Jayasurya), son of an idealistic political activist Achukoodam Madhavettan (M.R. Gopakumar), is determined to get a doctorate in Malayalam mainly due to his love for the language. Although mired in poverty, he works hard on his thesis.

But his life is made difficult by his research guide and his thesis gets rejected. He decides to abandon his studies and find a job. That's when his friend, Sneha (Remya Nambeeshan), helps him get a job at the ‘Great Way' pig farm. When he opposes some unhealthy practices at his workplace, he is relegated to a menial job at the pig sty. Eventually, the travails that he has to undergo shatter his youthful idealism.

“In the scene that we are shooting, Sreekumar is on his way to work for the first time and he meets Sneha on the way,” explains the director, while watching the proceedings on a monitor.

Jayasurya is walking along the road carrying a backpack while Remya is on a scooter.

“When poverty looms large, it begins to affect our confidence. That's what happens to my character in ‘Pig Man.' Sreekumar plans to do research in Malayalam language. He is very attached to his family but certain unprecedented turnarounds in life leave him shattered,” says Jayasurya, who is riding high on the appreciation he received for ‘Beautiful,' in which he played the role of a quadriplegic.

Remya explains that her character in ‘Pig Man' is that of a grounded woman who is of great support to Sreekumar at a crucial point in his life. She thinks that there is a difference in the type of characters that she has been receiving of late, especially after ‘Chappa Kurishu' and ‘Traffic.'

“I think I am being considered seriously as an actor after those roles. I want that kind of acceptance to continue and I am more careful in selecting my roles. I did struggle a lot and I am happy with the appreciation,” admits Remya.

‘Pig Man' is being produced by T.R. Sreeraj under the banner of Sree Surya Films.

The cast includes Suraj Venjarammoodu, Harisree Ashokan, Baburaj, T.P. Madhavan, and Reena Basheer. Cinematographer is Vinod Illampilly and music director is Gautham.

Still photographer is Paul Bathery.