His reign continues

Fitness is probably the middle name of ‘action king' Arjun. Despite advancing years, Arjun has maintained an envious physique and did complete justice to his role of a police officer inMankatha. Arjun is now doing an important role in ace director Mani Ratnam'sPookadai. “While I can't tell you much about that role, I can only say that post-Mankatha, I have consciously started accepting performance-oriented roles. I think I have done enough justice to the ‘Action King' tag. I am particularly excited about a Kannada film,Prasadwhich is quite likeTaare Zameen Par. I am also looking forward to director Vasanth's next film and at the same time have resumed shooting forOm,” says Arjun whose Hindi film (also being made in Tamil and Telugu)This Weekend, produced and directed by Tinu Varma, is expected to release soon. Meanwhile we keenly await to see him in Mani's film.

Spring in her step

AfterAvan Ivan, Janani Iyer will next be seen in director Mohammed Aslam'sPaaganwith Srikant. “I play a glamorous role in this romantic film. I am thrilled about the song and dance sequences. Almost fifty per cent of the film is complete and I feelPaaganwill do a lot of good to my career,” says the charming youngster.

Just entertainment

After Tamizh Padam director C. S. Amudhan has come with a unique title —Rendavathu Padam— for his second film. The film will have three heroes Vimal, Richard and Anand Akash but the heroines have not been finalised yet. “It is a bit premature to talk about the content of the film at this stage. All I can say is thatRendavathu Padamwill be a fun film with a mix of several elements. It is difficult to slot it in any genre. I am in the process of making an entertainer,”says Amudhan. For Richard this will be yet another shot at that elusive stardom.

The fine cut

Like the well-known editing duo V. T. Vijayan and B. Lenin are K. L. Praveen and N. B. Srikanth, whose work inMankathawas much-appreciated. They have already bagged an enviable 31 films. “AfterMankatha, we are currently working onAravaan,Kazhugu,Madhilmel Poonai,Masala Caféand a few more. We never tread on each other's toes and set aside portions of the film to work on. We work at different hours. Srikant is a night person and I prefer to work through the day,” says Praveen. Editing is an integral part of a film and has to sync with the director's vision of the script. “Yes, finally, the director is the boss, but we do have discussions if we feel strongly about something and then arrive at a solution.”