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Updated: November 12, 2011 19:51 IST

Grill Mill – Vijay Chander

Y. Sunita Chowdhary
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Vijay Chander
Vijay Chander

Your appearance in movies is very rare…

I didn't act in many social films after the release of Karunamayudu. Don't know what was in the minds of producers.

Right now I'm working in M.S. Raju's movie that will launch his son as a hero. I am also acting in Ekalavya which is a Tamil movie that will be dubbed eventually.

There is Adhyakshya and Bhadrachalam that has me doing satisfying roles but the best one I can recollect and think of it with happiness is Maro Prapancham. Adurthi Subba Rao and ANR made this film with a social purpose, a very noble effort that speaks against the caste system. In that movie, the children of corrupt doctors, lawyers and officers are brought up separately in a secluded place without any tags to their names like Reddy, Chowdary, Sastry etc. There is a dialogue in Karunamayudu which goes, “Does respecting a man mean religion, loving him mean caste?”

Is it true that Karunamayudu made a huge impact on your personal life?

There are more non-Christians among Christians and more Christians among non-Christians. All those who haven't seen or heard of Christ yet follow his preaching are blessed. Karunamayudu has made an impact and we cannot deny it, I follow Christ fully. Films like this that talk of change in humanity and usher in a change slowly, but then we must not lose hope.

Our great grandfathers got us freedom but we have been pushed back to the pre-independence era thanks to our politicians. I have a lot of hope in the young generation; they will definitely bring in change which is not confined to films alone. I am an eternal optimist.

What is your take on movies being made today?

I don't like comparisons and I don't like it even more when people recollect those golden days with fondness and treat the current films with disdain.

We should be happy and consider ourselves lucky. We are fortunate enough to see this new generation and so many talented aspirants in the industry. Times are changing and so are viewpoints; we have to go with the flow and accept it with open arms, never be an impediment to an evolution. Look at the current day heroes, Ram Charan Tej, Jr NTR etc..they are all so fresh, full of ideas, original. Let's see the beautiful side in them.

I've seen freedom and I'm enjoying the fruits, let us all enjoy the beautiful past and cherish it, at the same time welcome new movies, new people, new thoughts!

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