The cast of ‘Nuvvila' is on a high after the movie's fabulous opening

In Ala Modalaindi, when Nitya Menon flaunts her friendship with Nani and tells her uncle she is safe with him because he is gay, people laughed their guts out. Now attributing the fabulous openings of Nuvvila to a gay character for a full length role by Haleem Khan is a mere understatement.

Haleem Khan an MBA student from Ongole is a trained Kuchipudi dancer. He had inhibitions initially about accepting the role but gave in eventually. It's not easy smearing pink lipstick, wearing a pink shirt that reads ‘I Love Pink', stalking and professing love replete with emotion and sentiment to the hero in the film but ‘Sushila' aka Haleem pulled it off with aplomb. He says, “Even before the morning show ended a film maker called me and offered another gay role, am in a quandary - to take it or not. I would sit in the caravan and come out only after wearing an extra costume because 200 junior artistes would be watching me. I would then run aside and lock myself up after the shot. I guess we should take note of the dialogue in the film in which the hero's folks tell him that as parents they are willing to support him even if it means he is marrying a boy. What they want is his well being. Telugu cinema has come of age and I hope people too will.”

Prasad Barave is the cute roly-poly Cadbury's guy who's into voicing for cartoons such as Scooby Dooby, Panchatantra etc. He speaks many languages – Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, Malayalam, Marathi fluently. Prasad avers he is thankful to Facebook through which he got this offer from Ravi Babu and is all praise for Ramoji Rao for taking care of his family when they were here to watch the show.” My parents were in tears, not every Maharashtrian gets to play a lead role in Telugu.” The actor narrates a horrific incident at RFC, he had to fall into a gutter and all care was taken to see that he falls with the wires attached. But unfortunately when the scene was being shot he fell suddenly without support into a six feet deep ditch. He is working in Bol Bacchan with Big B and the film is due in December.

Havish who handles K. Lakshmaiah University that belongs to his dad couldn't believe he bagged a film role. After his studies in the US, he worked hard to be noticed and was prepared to play even a villain. He likes changes and prefers something new all the time .and every day at shoot it was different. He adds, “I was comfortable wearing torn jeans and showing off my underwear, am used to that concept.”

Fabulous openings are a high for newcomers and Ajay a B.Com student who plays Anand in the film has booked the entire show in the morning and evening for his family and friends. He quips, “I went to a theatre and ran into a guy selling tickets in black. That felt really good.”

Yami's Hindi movie is yet to release but Nuvvila is her first official movie. She says, “I'm a Pahadi girl from Chandigarh, Yami means Antaryami or also a daughter of the son. I got the feedback already and am extremely happy but I'm in no hurry to sign new films. In Nuvvila Iplayed the pregnant girl and kept changing the bump, a different one for different months.”

Remya Nambeesan is not new to movies but is a new arrival in Telugu films She plays a girl with a fetish for cooking. “Even at home I don't allow my mum to get into the kitchen when I'm there. I hate suggestions and also hate sharing my secrets of recipes.” Sarayu, a model who is seen on RS brothers and Skinshow hoardings, is a B.Sc in computers. She says she's game for more movies.