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Questions of a lifetime

If marriage is a leap of faith, should we attach so much significance to it? Aren’t we better off being single? If romantic notions even...»

Something Something: Drama of the absurd

There’s a style of theatre called ‘Theatre of the Absurd.’ Sometime in the 1950s, European playwrights wrote pieces that didn’t subscrib...»

Mindless but entertaining

Let’s get one thing out of the way. If you’re looking for something poignant and cerebral, this film is not up your alley. If you don’t...»

Shiva Thaandavam: A stylish dance sans logic

Meenakshi (Anushka Shetty) is an ophthalmologist who dreams of building a hospital for the poor, works in New Delhi, has a fine sense of...»

Charulatha: Of sibling bondage

We have seen many siblings falling in love with the same man and their qualities and looks are very formulaic. One is always a bit moder...»

Vennela One and Half: For cheap thrills

There are some films not worthy of reviews, some because words can’t do justice to the brilliance and some because it’s pointless. It do...»

Shirdi Sai: A treat for devotees

Dasaganu (Srikanth), a devotee of Shirdi Saibaba, wants to tour nearby towns and villages and popularise Saibaba’s philosophy through Ha...»

Srimannarayana: Old story, new profession

First things first. Balakrishna-starrer Srimannarayana isn’t a love story where the hero is rich and his lady love is poor or vic...»

OKOK: Immensely watchable fare

OKOK takes you by surprise and leaves you smiling till the end of the film. It is an amusing friendship between Srinivas (Udayanidhi Sta...»

Mask: A missed opportunity

Spiderman had uncle Ben as his support and sounding board. This ‘Mask’man has his maternal and paternal grandfathers backing him. Even th...»

Nirantaram Nee Oohale - A mental maze

The movie opens with a man going on a killing spree. Then he walks into his chic apartment as if nothing has happened and speaks to his...»

Ghosts from the past

A dishevelled woman, dressed in rags, gazes gloomily at the desolated Gandharva Mahal from a distance and walks away. The promos hinted...»

Eega: Don’t miss this buzz

Long before the release, we all knew the wafer-thin storyline — the villain murders the hero, who gets re-incarnated as a housefly and ha...»

Sakuni: Kingmaker has his way

With some films, you realise you are in for a torturous ride from the first shot. In others, a promising opening sequence makes you anti...»

Oka Romantic Crime Katha - Missed the mark

Instead of the ‘adult content' warning it should have simply said: “Watch it at your own risk, the management does not take the responsi...»

Fifty Percent Love - Not a regular love story

Fifty Percent Love is originally a Malayalam film Apoorva Ragam released in 2010. It had received lukewarm response at the box office in...»

Ma Abbayi Engineering Student - A pointless exercise

Why this film has been named Ma Abbayi Engineering Student? The moment never comes. The film has a run time of two hours and the hero Ma...»

Bommalata - Plot goes awry

This film has been publicised as a tearjerker but one walks away loathing the character played by the heroine. It is regressive and has...»

Love, Lies and Seetha - Performances dominate

When Seetha (Melanie Kannokada) an Indian, declares that love is the root cause of all troubles at the age of 12, it definitely throws l...»

Sensitive and soulful

Movies have replaced literature and those who haven't read Janardhana Maharshi's book Gudi can seek enjoyment and fulfilment of a...»

Gabbar Singh: Star power to the fore

There is a scene in Gabbar Singh where Brahmanandam, a money lender, walks into the villain's den and roars that his dues be settled. He...»

Teja is back and how!

Teja's movies are not like fine wine. There is always something raw in the stories and this time the film made against a spurious liquor...»

Tailor-made for fans

About an hour into the film, Ram Charan tells Tamannaah, “Hum bahar se bahuth accha... Hum tere liye idar vaccha... donno mile tho racha...»

Naa Ishtam: I, me, myself

Ganesh or Gunny (Rana Daggubati) is not your quintessential, selfless Telugu film hero. He doesn't bat an eyelid before snatching his fri...»

Where is it headed?

A young man, kicked out of home by his father and stepmother, joins a gang headed by his friend, a moneylender. He falls in love with a g...»

Prema Pilistondi: Self-indulgent flick

Torture has a strong foundation in movies and an inappropriate looking hero who makes his debut can be more distressing than any malady. »

Mr. Nookayya: A thriller that meanders

Indian cinema, we tend to believe, is gradually embracing a less formulaic approach to filmmaking. Hope comes in the form of films that e...»

Ekaveera: Complex story

The beat of cymbals, folk instruments and the rustle of leaves will entice you into becoming a part of the narrative; the quick movement...»

Simhaputrudu: Unexciting fare

Film makers have successfully conditioned moviegoers into watching mediocre movies; their excuse to kill time is that the narration or t...»

Nippu: Fight no more!

Other than reinstating the stereotype of a ‘hero', Nippu does nothing else. Surya (Raviteja) is a gym instructor and owner who also take...»

Love Failure: The zing thing

Love Failure is a remarkably easy film to watch — no pressure, no headache. Right from the word go, its fresh, the narrative, the charac...»

Dear - Entertaining love saga

Whatever is the degree of sophistication in Tamil films, at some point of time in the story we are treated to a hard core mass number. T...»

Love Cheste - Fails to shine

When we go to a movie, we look for a story, the dialogue, some substance and of course the craft and we are expected to remember the fil...»

Jai Telangana - Call for the motherland

The film revolves around the suicides being committed by Telangana youth. The film starts with a customary song and da...»

Snehithudu: ‘Aal eez vell'

If we were to define friendship just like how professors want us to write answers, then it is a form of interpersonal relationship gener...»

Edhari Varsham: Age-old saga

Rama (Swapna) is a prostitute and the opening scene has the woman being haunted by an echo of a wailing baby, supposed to be her aborted...»

Ila Aithe Yela? - Lacking imagination

Imagine this scene. A woman walking down the road takes a lift from a rich businessman as she has to attend an interview and is running...»

Rajanna: Songs of revolution

First things first. When was the last time you heard a Telugu film song and got goosebumps? If it has been quite sometime, just listen to...»

Return of the mythological

So many Ramayans, is there something that remains to be said about the story of the mythological king and his rule? Yes thinks Bapu, the...»

Oh My Friend: Lacking in masala

Filmmakers are happy creating romance, creating fantasies for others on screen as people like watching a man and woman in love but it is...»

It's My Love Story: Dialect dilemma

The story could have been simple and straight - about a boy from Karimnagar and a girl from Visakhapatnam meeting at Hyderabad, falling...»

Ooseravelli: Fairly engaging drama

This is another regular, ordinary revenge story by the director of Athidi and Kick but what makes it watchable is the actua...»

Rhythm of love

“We think daughters are wonderful to have…We became responsible persons ever since our daughter was born. We have already started planni...»

Saccharine sweet

Ranjit Films is clearly suffering from the Ala Modalaindi hangover, so much that the banner has not risked moving out of the comed...»

Dhookudu: Mahesh Babu charms

Seenu Vytla is known for telling a story that is both funny and emotionally involving. But in this lengthy film that runs for 2 hours 50...»

Gambler - The big betting heist

Gambler is a regular two-and-half-hour thrill ride but for some reason it appears a lengthy watch. Venkat Prabhu crams the romantic scen...»

A teenager's angst

A high school student fills his name, age in a hall ticket but in the space provided to specify his gender or sex, he writes ‘never trie...»

Clichéd comedy

Ramgopal Verma and his protégés have long presumed that the Telugu audience do not see Hindi films and have churned remakes and its sequ...»

Routine Love Story - Quirky humour

What's in a name when you have a strong content, seems to be the reason behind director Praveen Sattaru (of LBW fame) naming his current...»

Bezawada - Revenge, played to the last trick

In what could have been another Shiva, the violence, sentiment and the young blood in Bezjawada gets mashed up into a mont...»

Priyudu - Matters of the heart

It is a complete mood swing for people who watch the violent Bezawada one day and the preachy and the mellowed love tale Priyudu on the...»

Play: Keeps your spirits high

All of us at some point of time in childhood must have played the game of spirits or at least heard about them. Debutant director Krishn...»

Nandeeswarudu: Why this kolaveri?

This is the hero's first major project and going by the interviews given by the cast and the crew, one really walks into the theatre exp...»

The Businessman: Back in form

The Businessman has a mix of action, image, dialogue and montage but what makes it entertaining is that all the above quantities a...»

Promising medical drama

Making a commercial film with a medical college as backdrop, is no joke. Newcomer Raj Mudiraj does a fabulous job of creating an ambianc...»

3: Different strokes

It takes great marketing to keep the suspense of the film intact. You go in expecting a love story spanning over three phases, hand in ha...»

Adhinayakudu: A chaotic political drama

Adhinayakudu is unpretentious, caters to Balakrishna's fans and is liberally laced with politics. The actor appears in three role...»

All sound, no beat

Movies branded as big entertainers often fall short of a story. In ‘mass maharaja's' Daruvu, find solace in that word that is ofte...»

Tuneega Tuneega: Sincerity gone amiss

Sumanth Ashwin isn’t a bad addition to the Telugu film industry. He has got the moves, but with an outdated storyline, there is little s...»

Julayi- High on energy and wit

A father, recovering in the hospital, tells his son there’s little that separates him from the goon Bittu. The two are arch rivals who c...»

Devudu Chesina Manushulu: Disappointing fare

Ever since the film’s publicity began, director Puri Jagannadh had been saying that Devudu Chesina Manushulu is a film that has no story...»

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