Performances by sitar virtuoso Anoushka Shankar, bhangra king Malkit Singh, soul singer Kailash Kher and musicians from rural Rajasthan will bring down the curtain on the annual KCRW World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl here on September 20.

Presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, ‘India Calling’ will be a celebration of the country’s music and dance, from the beauty of the classical and folk legacy to the worldwide popular music born from these traditions.

While Malkit will bring his widely popular hits to the Bowl stage, Kher’s ‘Kailasa’, will feature himself and brothers Naresh and Paresh Kamath. The Ravi Shankar Centre Ensemble, curated by sitar legend Ravi Shankar will perform its latest compositions while Anoushka is expected to enchant the audience with her own inimitable style.

’Rhythm of Rajasthan’ is an energetic fusion of traditional rhythms and melodies. Conceived by folklore promoter Nitin Nath Harsh, it is composed of groups of musicians and dancers of western Rajasthan.

The group has a mix of traditional hereditary caste musicians of the Langa and Manganiar communities, as well as dancers from the Kalbelia community.

The KCRW festival kicked off on June 21 and saw performances of Afrobeat singer Femi Kuti and The Positive Force, soul singer Ray LaMontagne and Grammy winner Adele among other.