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A new meaning: Rituparna Sengupta. Photo R.V. Moorthy

A new meaning: Rituparna Sengupta. Photo R.V. Moorthy  


Rituparna Sengupta on her latest Hindi flick, “Calapor”

A known name in the Bangla film industry, Rituparna Sengupta has often had a dalliance with Hindi cinema as well. This week she will be seen in Calapor, a film on jail reforms.


What was the catalyst for signing Calapor ?

I was in London when director Dinesh P. Bhonsle called me about this film on reformation of criminals in jail. We discussed the theme once I returned and I liked it. At that time, I was doing a Bengali film Muktodhara on the concept of jails. Both the films are very different in nature but the basic theme is the same.

What is Calapor trying to say?

The film has been shot in Goa, at a real jail. One aspect of the film is emotion. How a woman tries to get a hold on her life when everything is falling apart. As a single parent how she brings up her kid. On the other hand it is a thriller. How she faces her violent past. She develops a new outlook towards life within the walls of a jail. The movie also has a lot to talk about the police and jail reforms. Through my character, the film tries to say how music and arts play a role in reforming the inmates. I believe the movie has a combination of emotion and suspense and has the potential to generate interest among the audience.

Do you put in a lot of effort towards the development of each character?

Yes, I do it both on physical and mental level. The primary aim is to work on the identity of the character. I believe looks play a very important role. It is very important to etch out a particular look for the subject. Audience should not identify me as Rituparna. It is only then that I will be remembered as that character for the rest of my life.

Is the difference between Bengali and Hindi cinema diminishing?

I think the line is fading out. Both the industries are growing very rapidly and are slowly intermingling. I think that is a good sign. Bengali cinema is breaking its boundaries and creating an impression on a global scale. Hindi cinema, as you know, is already there.

What’s next?

My next film is based on Article 161 of the Constitution, which deals with the power of the Governor to grant pardon. It is directed by Agnidev Chatterjee and the cast include the likes of Yashpal Sharma and Atul Kulkarni. It is also set around a jail but is radically different from Calapor’s storyline.

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