Karthi Sivakumar is slowly establishing his base in Telugu films. Awara was dubbed and so will be the recent Naan Mahan Alla.

The timing of the release of the dubbed films in Andhra is important and shouldn't clash with big movies he opines. The actor says he loves the Telugu audience and is a big fan of Ravi Teja, so working in Siruthai, the remake of Ravi Teja's film Vikramarkudu is just a matter of time. The movie is being directed by Siva who handled Gopichand starrer Souryam. In conversation with MetroPlus, Karthi sounds ecstatic and completely charged playing the dual role of Inspector Rathore and a vagabond.

“I like Ravi Teja as much as he likes Amitabh Bachchan, I have to match his performance and we need to make sure that part of the story is in sync with the Tamil audience. His work is mind blowing especially the scenes in which he is being harassed by women folk is so hilarious….we are constantly giggling on the sets.”

Karthi always wanted to play a cop but the transition, doing the double role which is equally powerful is emotionally draining. The kid who plays his daughter is far younger than the one in the original and she takes a lot of time to get the scenes right. All of this requires patience and is time consuming but he is hopeful of the output making up for the minor glitches.

Also Brahmanandam's role is being played by Santhanam with whom the actor shares a fantastic rapport and casting is a real help. Tamannah again for the umpteenth time plays his love interest and the movie would in all probability be out for Christmas. Karthi is sure of doing a love story next and wants a breather from this action and mass genre, also before he commences the project he wants to go on a holiday, he's been working for the last eight months at a stretch.

So will be there be a dream movie with his brother Suriya? He is clueless and adds, “It will happen some day definitely but not now. Suriya is booked for two years..."