Earlier this week, there was news that producer Ekta Kapoor was furious with her lead actor Akshay Kumar for not having adequately ‘promoted’ Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara. Of course, denials were flying as quickly as the news itself. Not sure if it is the after effect of that, but Akshay got furious at a recent press conference when he was told how critics had panned his recent film. We hear he was so angry that he lashed out saying critics don’t understand audiences and should write from the masses’ point of view. Looks like the Chennai derailment has caused more damage than we thought it had.

Confident Anil

Anil Kapoor launched the first look of his new TV show 24, based on the American series of the same name, this week. When asked if he was nervous regarding the scale and the uniqueness of the show and its acceptance, the prompt reply was “No.” Clarifying that it was regular stuff that made him nervous, the actor-producer said that he had always succeeded when he tried something different.