Vir Das says he would rather “go for a family pack than for a six or eight pack”

For some, fitness is not a one time goal, it is a way of life. Well-known stand-up comedian Vir Das puts himself in this category. He says if it had not been for his profession, he would not have bothered too much about fitness.

Armed with a cute smile and a jolly nature, Vir is finding newer talents in himself these days, turning actor and then singer too. Asked about a secret he would disclose about his fitness, he says, “Honestly, if I was not a film actor, I would have cared less about it, it’s only that I am into films that I care and I do exercises but I eat a lot.”

Actors are often considered fitness freaks and they seem to swear by their fitness mantra. Has he found any?“Eat every two hours, that’s something that I stick to and is very helpful,” he says.

Often required to work on tight schedules, does he get time to keep a regular exercise regime? “I keep videos on my i-pad, it helps me workout during my breaks when I m busy shooting.” Though Vir says he would rather stick to his gym routine.

“I don’t like yoga, if God would want me to touch my toes he would have kept it near my stomach,” says he, chuckling, adding that he would rather “go for a family pack than go for a six or eight pack.”

After Delhi Belly, Vir has a row of films being released this year. Did he need to follow any specific fitness regime to fit into a character? “Yes, I lost 12 kilos for a film but I never cut down on my nutrition level. I work out happily the way I want. There is nothing scarier than just doing one thing, keep exploring,” he says.

This graduate from Knox College, Illinois, says he is exploring various means of entertainment one by one and would soon be seen in Ajay Bhuyan’s rom-com Amit Sahni Ki List cast opposite Vega Tamotia of Chittagong fame.