Ranbir Kapoor on his routine, line-ups, Delhi food and learning to play the guitar

Despite a string of films getting ready for release, actor Ranbir Kapoor takes a break to answer some offbeat questions. Excerpts:

You are sporting a stubble, is it your look for Barfee?

No. I have been unemployed for the last one month. I am short of movies. So I try new things because I get bored with my face. I had kept my clipper on charge and the electricity went off. So some stubble is left.

Since you are unemployed, what's your daily routine like?

I get up, brush my teeth, have breakfast. Later, if my parents are at home, I lunch with them, I watch films, go to the gym, return home in the night, watch DVDs and then go to sleep.

You look like you have lost weight.

No, I have not reduced. Ever since Saawariya, I have not lost or gained weight. It is very difficult for me to build muscles because of my body type. I hope to get an action film at some point, so I can build my body; and it will look real when I hit a villain.

Many film actors are on the small screen. When are you going to take up a TV show?

I have just started; I am three years old in this industry. I can think of television once I am settled as an actor. Right now, I am happy being a film actor.

You are reportedly upset with Priyanka Chopra because she made a few jokes about your image.

No, it is baseless. I can never be upset with Priyanka; she is a beautiful and talented actor. If I am upset with her, I have no scope in life.

Everyday we read about your link-ups and break-ups. Does it affect you?

See, I am an actor. My job is to act, and I endorse the brands I believe in. The audience will like me if I am a good actor and if my movies are good. But when I am linked with someone or the other everyday, I feel bad. I am sure my parents are also a little embarrassed by it. You have to understand that the person and his life are getting affected. In fact, I feel scared that if I go out for dinner with my friends, I will be linked with them too.

If I am in a relationship, I won't hide it. Besides, I don't feel it's necessary to come out and contradict every wrong story about me.

Is the shoot for Rockstar over?

Yes, it's over. I am very excited about its release. I am very happy I got an opportunity to work with a good person like Imtiaz Ali.

Since its shooting was in Delhi, did you enjoy Delhi food?

I ate everything in Delhi — from parathewali gali in Chandni Chowk, Kareem's kebabs, Nirula's biryani. We spent 50 days there and whatever food we can eat there, I ate it all.

Will we see you play the real guitar in this film?

Yes, absolutely. For my character, I have learnt how to play the guitar. So I hope when you see the film, you don't feel that I am bluffing.

Do you think you should have been offered Dhoom 3?

If there is another Dhoom after Dhoom 3, I would love to be part of it. Of course, given that the script is good.

Three years into the industry, do you have a dream role?

Every film brings in a new dream role. Like when Rockstar was offered, it was a dream role for me. Barfee is also a dream role, and Ayan's new picture also has a dream role for me. I only wish I work with good directors; you have to grow with every movie.

Do you consider yourself the sexiest bachelor in Bollywood?

I don't think of myself as the sexiest bachelor in Bollywood. I am an actor. If you tell me that I am a good actor, then it would be a big compliment to me. If you call me a sexy actor, then it is a compliment to my parents because they have made me, it was their genes.

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