Don’t expect a regular love triangle, says the director of ‘Happy Happygaa’.

A crowd gathered outside the mall at Trimulgheri in the twin cities. As you step in you notice a cameraman taking close-up shots of the entrance to the mall for a scene in Ocean Films' Happy Happygaa produced by Vadlamudi Durgaprasad. The onlookers were disappointed when told that there were no stars present for the shoot, it is only the exteriors of the Rainbow Mall they are taking. Debut director Priyasharan invites you to come to the sets at Ramanaidu studios that night where they will be filming a scene involving the film's hero Varun Sandesh.

It is a women's hostel set at Ramanaidu Studios designed by art director Babji. Cinematographer Venky A. Darshan shoots the scene as Varun Sandesh enters with his friends with a gift. Even as you wonder how he had entered a women's hostel at such hours, a damsel, an inmate of the hostel, emerges and the camera focuses on her. Director Priyasharan briefs the actors and the shot is redone. Varun hands over the gift to her and wishes her ‘happy birthday.' A close look reveals that she is neither of the two heroines, Vega or Saranya Mohan.

Priyasharan smiles and says, “No, she is a friend and the scene holds some importance.” Incidentally he is also winding up the shooting part with that scene. “The postproduction work is going on simultaneously,” said the young entrant to Telugu cinema.

Varun Sandesh reveals that he is playing a guitarist and a musician. “A happy-go-lucky man, he always wants to see happiness on the face of others. If someone is suffering from some problem, he is there to make them smile. A bubbly character named Santhosh,” chips in the director. “Of the two heroines, Vega plays an extrovert and a fun loving girl who has returned from UK. The love story is set in Vizag. In contrast Saranya Mohan plays a calm and quiet girl.” He asks us not to expect a routine triangular love story. “The newness of the theme and its screenplay will attract the audience,” opines the confident looking debutant.

Priyasharan started his career under ‘Editor' Mohan and assisted his son Jeyam Raja. “Bommarillu Bhaskar and Sukumar also worked under my guru Editor Mohan,” says Priyasharan. Naturally, he hopes to make it big too.