Ranjith Kumar’s Ormakalum Swapnangalum, though an elegy to nature, ends on a note of hope.

When Harikrishnan runs his hands lovingly over the tender green seedlings, he experiences bliss. The essence of the film Ormakalum Swapnangalum lies in this moment. Ranjith Kumar, writer, director and cinematographer of this new film, is enthusiastic about his project. His maiden feature film is an elegy to the vanishing forests and fields, to the hills and brooks. He talks about a time when Man lived as one with Nature, a golden period. But with the telling of those memories, he also weaves dreams, dreams of a tomorrow that will see Man returning to the lap of Nature.

“This film was born out of a coming together of like-minded people, a dedicated group called ‘Cinema Commune’. We conducted a workshop where we held brainstorming sessions and discussed our ideas. The film took shape during this process,” says Ranjith. The movie tells the story of Harikrishnan who finds himself and rediscovers old friends and acquaintances while on a holiday at his home in the village.

Harikrishnan is a representative of the younger generation who take the rapid changes in society for granted. He does bemoan the loss of farmlands and its associated style of life, but like most young men sees it as an inevitable price to pay for modernisation.

Herman Sidhartha from Germany opens Harikrishnan's eyes and motivates him to be the change.

Harikrishna gathers a group of people and makes a fresh beginning.

Ormmakalum Swapnangalum captures the idyllic settings of a quiet village in Kerala.

Renowned poets such as Parathully Ravindran, Alankode Leelakrishnan, Mohanakrishnan Kalady, and Harinarayanan wrote the lyrics which have been set to music by Jayakrishnan. Actors Biyon, Nimesh, Michael Grantstinsky, Vinod Kovoor and others with vast experience from the theatre give life to the characters. Production is by Cinema Commune.