A simple story told in a not-so-convincing manner is how one can best describe Sevarkodi. One would have expected impressive dialogues in the film, considering the fact that it has been directed by R. Subramanian, the same person who penned the dialogues for the highly enjoyable Abhiyum Naanum. However, that is not to be and the film has nothing spectacular to offer.

Moving on to the plot, Kali (Pawan) is a driver who works for Susai (Manimaran), a 40-year-old seafood merchant with two kids. Knowing Kali's desire to own the vehicle he drives, Susai hatches a plot. He tells Kali that he will gift him his vehicle, provided he gets his younger sister (Janaki) to marry him. A greedy Kali readily agrees. However, his sister has other plans. She elopes with her boyfriend, whohappens to be a friend of Bala (Arun Balaji). Bala does nothing but romance Valli (Bhama), a college student. A chance encounter with the couple, just as they are eloping, lands Bala in trouble. Kali's sidekick, who sees Bala greeting his friend on the bus, mistakes him to be the mastermind of the entire episode and promptly reports it to Kali. Meanwhile, Bala has no clue that he has incurred Kali's wrath until he confronts him and demands that he disclose details of his sister and her boyfriend. When Bala denies any knowledge of their whereabouts, Kali gets furious. Determined to hurt Bala, Kali rams his vehicle into Bala's bike, killing his mother who is riding pillion. Bala, who initially dismisses it as an accident, gets to know later when Kali taunts him that it was a murder.

He responds with an aggressive move which leaves Kali hurt and shamed. A desperate Kali seeks to kill Bala. What follows forms the climax.

In the absence of a taut, gripping script, Sevarkodi fails to sustain audience interest. A little more care while casting could have gone a long way in making the film more interesting. Nevertheless, Sevarkodi has its strengths, the biggest of them being the music composed by C. Sathya. Pawan, as the villain, and Sri Ranjani, as the hero's mother, steal the show.


Genre: Drama

Director: R. Subramanian

Cast: Arun Balaji, Bhama, Pawan, Pithamagan Mahadevan, Sri Ranjani, Manimaran, Janaki

Storyline: A man who suspects another man's involvement in his sister's elopement is out to settle scores with him.

Bottomline: Nothing spectacular