Ravi Lallin talks about his directorial debut Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu, which he has been able to pull off after much struggle, and how he got a foothold in the industry

After trying his hand at 50 jobs and investing 10 years in the industry R. Ravi Lallin has finally managed to realise his dream — directing a film. No wonder then the director of Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu (SOS), starring Vimal, Dipa Shah and Oviya in the lead, is gung ho about the project and life.

“From manufacturing natural fertilizers to marketing apparel whiteners, I have done different things before coming to the film industry where after a 10-year struggle I have got an opportunity to direct a film. All through my life, direction has been my dream,” says Lallin, whose film has caught the attention of those in the industry for a variety of reasons.

SOS revolves around a wife who thinks life is all about giving up one’s desires for a loved one, and a husband, who cannot understand why one must give up one’s happiness to make a relationship last. He believes there will be no need for any sacrifices if two people on the same wavelength and on the same page choose to have a relationship. Vimal’s character has been showcased in two phases. In the first phase, he appears as a Standard 12 student. In the next, he plays a 25-year-old professional who has returned from the U.S. Dipa Shah plays Vimal’s wife in the film, while Oviya plays a Standard 12 student.”

The film is based on three separate incidents that the director has witnessed in his life. “One is a popular divorce case which was widely reported in the media. The other two are incidents that have taken place in the lives of my friends. A friend confessed to his wife about his earlier life after which their marriage was on the rocks. I have spun a story around all three incidents,” says Lallin, adding that this film will prove Vimal can handle urban-oriented roles as well as rural ones.