It is a busy day at the location of director V.K. Prakash's ‘Beautiful,' at a water-front villa in Palluruthy, Kochi. As the unit prepares to shoot in one of the villa's rooms, clouds begin to darken outside, and, soon, it starts pouring. A virtual mayhem follows as the crew suddenly shifts to can the pitter-patter of raindrops.

Feel-good film

“‘Beautiful' is a feel-good film and I am treading on a new track, one that is different from my recent films,” says Prakash, who made the slapstick comedy ‘Three Kings,' and is awaiting the release of ‘Karmayogi,' based on Shakespeare's ‘Hamlet.'

‘Beautiful' has Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, and Meghna Raj in the lead. “The storyline took shape within a few hours, while I was chatting with Jayasurya and Anoop. It is a story of friendship, on how one guy turns his life around for the other and vice versa. It is also a love story,” says Prakash, as he watches the rehearsal for a song, which shows the three lead actors sitting in a corner and enjoying the rain.

“Stephen Louis (Jayasurya) is a paraplegic, who is full of life and has a smile on his face always. The wealthy Louis has no qualms in admitting that he is happy with his affluent lifestyle. Then there is John (Anoop Menon), a 34-year-old musician who is worried about his future. The two characters who are asymmetrical in nature share a deep friendship. However, a home nurse named Anjali (Meghna Raj) comes in between them and the dynamics of their relationship change,” says Anoop Menon, who is also the movie's scenarist and lyricist.

Jayasurya says that his character, Stephen Louis, celebrates life to the fullest. “Usually we come across people who tend to rue their disability. Stephen can only move his head and yet makes an instant impression with his positive attitude,” exlains Jayasurya.

Meghna Raj, who made her debut in Malayalam in Vinayan's ‘Yakshiyum Njanum,' and had a brief role in Shaji Kailas' ‘August 15,' says her character plays an important role in the film.

‘Beautiful' has been produced by Anand Kumar under the banner of Yes Cinema Company.

Jomon T. John is the cinematographer for ‘Beautiful' and music for the movie is by Ratheesh Vegha. Still photographer is Ajith V. Shankar.