Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar could be facing trouble for a remark he made on Sunday urging a crowd to “vote twice” in the Lok Sabha polls, once in their home town and then here. Maharashtra’s Chief Electoral Officer has asked for a report on the statement.

Mr. Pawar later sought to clarify that he had spoken in jest at an unofficial Mathadi workers’ meeting in Navi Mumbai.

“In the last elections, Mumbai and Satara voted on the same day. This time, Satara votes on the April 17 and Mumbai on April 24. So, first cast your vote for our candidate in Satara and then wash off the ink and cast your vote in Mumbai,” Mr. Pawar said. “If you do not wash off your ink then it might create some problems,” Mr. Pawar added.

Mr Pawar said, “My expression on erasing voter ink was purely humour and not at all suggestive of any act in breach of electoral laws or rules. Upon learning that my statement was being misinterpreted and blown out of proportion by our political opponents, I have immediately clarified that I did not,” he said.