Congress’s Amritsar candidate attacks BJP rival after his website was temporarily inaccessible

Former Punjab Chief Minister and Congress candidate in Amritsar Captain Amarinder Singh on Wednesday questioned his rival Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitley over the current inaccessibility of his website.

He accused Mr. Jaitley of concealing facts about himself from public scrutiny.

Captain Singh maintained that it was surprising for Mr. Jaitley to shut down — the website went temporarily out of order with the message, “We’ve stepped out for a bit… but we’ll be back soon” — when the elections were around the corner and people would have liked to visit it. He said Mr. Jaitley should “step in” to explain why his actions were belying his promise to remain accessible to the public.

“Or is it that there were so many things which Jaitley had put up there earlier and would have been finding it difficult to defend now when he is contesting an election and finds himself answerable to people?” he asked.

“This is a classic case of a man who does not want to subject himself to public scrutiny and tries to hide and take off each and every detail from the public view,” Capt. Singh said, adding: “Why try to conceal now what has already been revealed about you?”

Reacting to Mr. Jaitley’s remarks comparing him, Capt. Singh, to the Humpty Dumpty character from Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic Alice in Wonderland, Capt. Singh said that he had stopped taking offence over his statements. .

“I am pleasantly amused [by] the choice of books [Jaitley] is reading during election time or the ideas and thoughts that have been haunting him at this stage. No wonder he takes childish offence for anything and everything that is said about him no matter what he speaks about others,” the former Chief Minister said.


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