"Mamata Banerjee cannot be stopped, so she should be killed," Ms. Banerjee said referring to the fire in the air conditioner in her room on Thursday.

Hinting at a conspiracy behind the fire mishap at her hotel room on Thursday, Trinamool Congress chairperson and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Friday that she had a narrow escape as she could have died of suffocation.

Addressing an election rally at Nalhati, in Birbhum district of the State, she said: “When I was in the washroom after returning from the election campaign, I found that the entire room was full of smoke. Fortunately, I had not bolted the door. Had I done so, I would not have been able to come out of the room,” Ms. Banerjee said of the fire from the air conditioner in her room.

She complained of irritation in her throat and said that she was administered oxygen and saline last night.

On the conspiracy issue, the Chief Minister said: “They want to kill me… that is why short circuits… It is as easy as that isn’t it?”

“Mamata Banerjee cannot be stopped, so she should be killed,” Ms. Banerjee said.