brides Wanted
IYENGAR BARATHWAJA Uthiradam 37/170 MBA, Finance Mgr. Sathyasai Central Trust SSPN Rs.25000PM. 9840637187 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYENGAR THENKALAI Aswini Kausiga very fair 29-3-1979/ MBA, Private Business in Delhi, 60000 pm Seeks from good family. Ph: 09650560390 (Published on May 24, 2015)
BRAMIN ASTASAGASRAM Sadayam 31/168 BE MS MBA (US) Project Manager in MNC Massachusetts (US) Left hand after wrist limb palm and fingers accident. No problem car self driving, seeks broad minded UG/PG employed (USA) Brahmin bride. Email: 044-22237736, 09176641005. (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER BHARADWAJA M'Sirsham, 32/165, Phd (UK), Assistant Professor, IIT, Hyderabad, seeks Graduate Iyer girl. Contact: 040-27245496, (Published on May 24, 2015)
32Y BOY Vadagalai Bhrdwj Ayilyam-1 Padam SWE(SAP) Hyd 11 L pa Legally separated seeks homeloving Iyengar/Iyer/any Brhmn Girl (South) willing to relocate. Unmarried(pref) / Divorcee. Call 09246190024, 09985948226, (Published on May 24, 2015)
BRAHMIN ASWINI Oct 1975 MCA 170 Singapore PR ct: 09443088991, (Published on May 24, 2015)
COIMBATORE BASED Iyer boy Bharadwaja Gothram Visakam 2 Padam 33/168 cms MBA employed in reputed Financial Co. seeks well educated, vegetarian, homely girl. Brahmin sub-set no bar. Contact: 09790372995. (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER VADAMA n.kashyapa uthirattathi 30 183 bcom 37k tcs che seeks gr emp iyer girl below 28yrs 9940064271 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER VADAMAL N.Kasipam Rohini June 79 Fair 172 BE Service/Business Own House Clean Habits 12 LPA. 044-25367782 / 25913606 / 9840458358. (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER VADAMAL Bharadwajam Visakam 34 BCom MBA 6.5L MNC, Employed in Bangalore. 919841059929,919840025152 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER/VADAMA/ Bwajam/Tanjore/Dec 1969/ Kettai-1/165/ MBA-Int'l Trade/12Lacs p.a./ working in MNC as Sr. Manager at Chennai/ Own House/ Own car. Sub Sect no bar / Looks Younger/ Ct:09444240663/ 04422260663. (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER BHARATWAJAM Uthratadi 28/172 BE MNC Bangalore,innocent divorcee.Ct: 9840071956 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER 35/175 Poosam M.Com Manager MNC Chennai 8L/PA seeks suitable Bride. Ct:9382674764 / 8122929999 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYENGAR THENKALAI Srivatsa Uthirattadi 35/165cm/London Based, B.E. MBA (Ivy League) innocent divorcee without encumbrance seeks educated brahmin girl from cultured family. Ph: 09930100069, 09443123238. email: (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER BRAHACHARNAM Athreya 38/178 BSc,MFT Businessman 60K pm, Own House in Coimbatore, Seeks Suitable Brahmin Girl, (Age: 30-36yrs). CT:0422-2439926, (Published on May 24, 2015)
KERALA IYER Makam Sankruti 27/175 Phd(US)Fair seeks alliance from girls 23-26 studying/working in US Interest in music dance preferred.Ct 09322229856 (Published on May 24, 2015)
Tamil iyer 5'9" 47 Divorcee Computer Consultant seeks bride (Published on May 24, 2015)
BRAHMIN 32 BE MNC Good Salary well settled Own Flat issueless Divorcee Simple Marriage seek suitable Brahmin Bride 08939041301/ 044 24917988 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER BRAHACHARNAM, Kutsa, revathi,34/177 HDFC BankChennai sal 10 lacs BSc seeks graduate bride (Published on May 24, 2015)
TAMIL IYER Bharadhwaja Avittam II Manager top MNC chennai, Divorcee Without issues 38 / BE / 175 cms. Seeks Brahmin Brides w/o issues. Ct:, 09940597850 (Published on May 24, 2015)
BHARATHWAJAM IYER, Vadamal, Moolam, 1980/ 157 cm, B.E, (EEE), MNC, Bangalore seeks Employed / Unemployed Bride. Sub Sect No Bar/ Simple Marriage. Ct: 9344154651 (Published on May 24, 2015)
Iyer boy Msc BEd Punartham 1975 Athreya, Govt. School teacher invite girl from brahmin family. 9746399106 (Published on May 24, 2015)
Graduate Iyer boy 1972, Chithirai Athreya, Manager MNC invite girl from Brahmin family. 9446826571 (Published on May 24, 2015)
THENKALAI KOWSIGAM Uthiram I 27/170/ BE 81K PM Emp in IAF TVM Seeks suitable Bride. 9486100815/9841730645 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYENGAR 53 yrs. Widower / One daughter / Studying in US seeks suitable Iyengar / Iyer Bride. 99946-00028 (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER ASHTASAHASRM 27/168 Rohini, Koundinym ME(Mech) Manager MNC 8 L pa seeks Graduate Girl. 044 - 24401074 / 9841623128 / (Published on May 24, 2015)
THE EARLIER Marriage For this Vadagalai Iyengar Boy lasted less than 3Months Legally Cancelled as per Girl's wish. The Marriage was not Consummated. Full Details available. Alliance now sought from Parents of Unmarried Girls for our Son Naithrubakashyapa, 32, Moolam-4, Tall 183cms, handsome Phd working in USA Bay Area. Parents of Girls working in USA or India may Contact: 94447 16396 / Relocation to India is Possible. (Published on May 24, 2015)
IYER BRAHACHARANAM 1980 Born Vishagam Vadoolam MBA Employed in a Top MNC Mumbai Seeks Educated Employed Girl from Cultured Family Subsect No Bar. Ct:09967877462/022-21714143. (Published on May 24, 2015)
VADAMAL KRITHIKAI-2 Srivatsam 37/170 MBA Pvt Ltd Co 50K pm seeks any Brahmin girl 9940644117/8754565545 (Published on May 24, 2015)
NAIDU BE 35/ 180 Pooram Nationalised Bank seeks qlfd. preferably wkg. Bride. Any Naidu. Email: Ph: 09443080055 (Published on May 24, 2015)



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