bridegrooms Wanted
SC 33/150 innocent Divorcee,Mngr Central Govt seek suitable groom.9444728815/ (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
SC AD 31/160 B.Tech SWE Top MNC 50K Unmarried seeks SWE Hindu or Christian SC with any status. 8760583757 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
HINDU SC AD 32/160/BE CSE MNC 70000/pm Aswini well settled (Married but separated on the same day) seeks suitable Groom from respectable family. Contact: 9444934495/9841829200 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
TAMIL/ TELUGU Speaking Parents seek US based Well Qlfd South Indian Never Married Brahmin Grooms for Daughter Koundinyam, Uthirattadhi 38/157 M.S Greencard B.H. Photo must email to (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER VADAMA Vadulam Ayilyam (4) 35/163 Innocent Divorcee no issues.Honest Fair Pretty Traditional values with Modern Outlook.Masters Accomplished Professional Leading bank London.Seeks suitable Alliance from Brahmin Groom any marital status no issues.35-40yrs Good Family Background Professionally well qualified&well Settled.Honest Good Human values.Clean Habits Vegetarian Teetotaller Send BHP : (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER VADAMA Srivatsam Hastam 27/158 BE TCS currently in US seeks well qlfd groom 044-24612922, 8144966666 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER ASHTASAHASRAM Bharadwajam Poosam II 37/160 Graduate Working MNC Chennai,Innocent Issueless Divorcee Short Lived Marriage,seeks Well Settled Groom.Ct:044-24833600/09789868990/ (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Iyer Girl, 25/152, MBBS, Uthradom, Vadhoolam, middle class family. Seeks alliance from Iyer boys aged 27-30. Pursuing or completed MD/MS hailing from a respectable family. 09447939483 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER KOUNDINYAM Ayilyam PG 37/172, affluent Sr Mgt in MNC, Blr, innocent divorcee in 12 days seeks well qualified employed Brahmin Groom. 080-26500398 & 09731757812. (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
TAMIL BRAHMIN Iyer Koundinyam Utthiram-2 Apr'68/ 162 fair smart goodlooking graduate not employed home loving Chennai based seeks alliance minimum graduate educated/ employed Iyer- Iyengar. Subsect no bar. Box No-HB-2882,THE HINDU Chennai-600002 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
VADAKALAI KOWSIGAM Maham BE MS 162cm Dec 1986 born H 1 B /USA seeks educated Iyengar Groom from USA. Contact 9444576995, 044-24612252. (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER VADAMAL, Swathi 28yrs bride M.Sc., B.Ed Teacher seek groom well employed. Ct:Sivaraman, 2/F385, 9th street, West P&T colony, Tuticorin-628008 Ph:9994097481, 0461-2312276 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
VADAKALAI SRIVATSAM beautiful home loving bride 44 yrs Arudhra highly qualified 165Cms. Looking for well settled Iyengar Groom Ct. 09884201017. (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
SAIVA PILLAI, Iyer Parentage Hastham 88 Born/PG/Emp Healthcare,seek well qlfd clean habits,veg.7299966304 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER VADAMA Koundinya Revathy 23/160 V.fair slim BCA employed CTS Chennai Left fingers slightly weak No problem in routine work seeks professionally well qualified Iyer groom between 25-28 with reasonable Income. Horoscope Match. Ct:9489548073 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYENGAR ATHREYA Pooradam 3 padham, no dosham BE TCS Chennai 24/170 beautiful, propertied, D/o businessman, only 2 daughters, first settled USA. From Iyengar, handsome, Chennai based, ACA/ACS, Doctor/PG. Engr. 9444032679 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER VADAMAL Bharadwajam Punarpoosam 24/153 Very Fair B.Tech(IT) Empld in TCS Seeks Suitable Bridegroom C.A/M.B.A.Subsect Same. Ct: 09840129111 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
IYER KOUSHIKA Sadayam 25/152 BBA, ACS, fair MNC only daughter seeks Iyer PG groom below 29 settled in India. Ct: 09831054983/ 033-24603585 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Balija 23 162 Slim Fair BE Software Engg Infosys Bangalore Good Salary Well Settled 080-22208282,22454444 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Kamma (Caste No Bar) 24 162 Very Beautiful MBBS,(MD) Bangalore 4cr 080-22208282,22454444 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Naidu:25/160,Fair,Beautiful,MBA,CTS,SWE,Chennai,35000PM, Well To Do Family. 044-43483302 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Balija Naidu:25/162,Fair,Beautiful,B.E,MBA,MNC,SWE,Chennai,25000PM, Well To Do Family. 044-43483316 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Reddy:25/165,Fair,Beautiful,B.E,Engg,Rep.Comp,India,DecentPay, Well To Do Family. 044-43483325 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
NAIDU, 30/165, VISAGAM-4P, ACA ,ACMA Working in MNC at BLR.Contact Ph7502228177 BHP to (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
KAMMA 29/163 Vishagam Tulam PhD (USA) visiting India shortly seek MS/PhD USA employed kamma groom. BHP: 09444990616 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
Balija Naidu, 34/162, Hastham, B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D, Dept of Space, seeks groom working in Bangalore,any equivalent caste, 9444866971, (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
1983/153 Kumbam Pooratathi MBA Working in Chennai 9L/PA,InterCaste.Prefers Well Educated Boy. 09715034589 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
28/157 Ph.D (IIT Delhi) slim,fair,goodlooking seeks FC Telugu speaking well educated, settled groom India/Abroad. Email: (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
PADMA VELAMA Naidu/Balija/Gavara 32yrs B.C.S 14.10.81 Aswini,seeks well settled decent family.9380157836 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)
KAVARA NAIDU 36/158 Pooradam M.E Prof Chennai 8.5Lpa. Seeks Suitable Qlfd Groom Subsect No Bar Ct: 09840957985 (Published on Sep 14, 2014)



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