bridegrooms Wanted
RC malayali Christian 49 yrs fair goodlooking unmarried and employed seeks suitable alliance 08970169337 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
SEEKS POST Graduate Groom for Australian Citizen, B'ful, V.Fair girl 38/163, Senior Solicitor, Sydney, Mudaliar, preferably boy settled in Australia. Caste No bar Ct: 09845755047, (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
SOFTWARE ENGINEER 29/165 mixed parentage seeks broad minded groom, religion no bar. Contact : 9884030450 email: (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
WANTED DIVORCED or Widowed bridegroom without Issues, for Hindu Mudaliar fair, good looking widow, 32 years, Post-Graduate. No issues. Caste no bar. Ph: 9959444402. (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
HINDU Divorcee 42/156 employed in chennai Tamil & Malayalam accepted Ct: 09444858084 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
ALLIANCE INVITED for a Bangalore based girl 28/165, good looking, Tamil Hindu (very short marriage) Mudaliar with good background from a well settled issueless Divorcee/ Widower Professional age b/w 29-35 yrs. Caste No bar. Ct:09986459403 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
SC/AD 30 Yrs. 165cm Fair MBBS,MD (Micro) Govt.Doctor.Well Settled in Chennai. Seeks MBBS,MD,MS Doctor Groom. Caste No Bar.Ct: 9444744300 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
MBBS PG Vanniar 37 Fair Slim Late marriage want any caste Dr BDS BHMS BOT BE 2nd Marriage ok BHP Box No-CB-264,THE HINDU,Coimbatore-641018 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
BRIDEGROOM WANTED for Hindu Vellala Gounder Doctor girl from affluent Doctor family doing Post Graduate Medicine In UK. Bridegroom to be fair goodlooking Post graduate Medical doctor from well settled family of any BC community.Contact (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
IYER ASHTASAHASRAM, Haritha Gothram, Uthiradam (Utharashada), born July 1989/ 160cms, slim, fair, beautiful presently doing Final Year M.D.S. seeks suitable groom with MDS or ACA or PhD in teaching or other profession. Person born with Star Anusham (Anuradha) or Sravana (Thiruvonam) preferred. Iyer or Smartha Deshastha or Sharma or Niyogi from middle class, well settled in Chennai or Bengaluru or Mumbai. Ct: +919840529729. Email: (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
Csi Nadar 32 167 Fair M.E Abroad,Wanted B.E 175 MNC Abroad/Chennai,Issueless Divorce M:9176411025 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
JAIN 34 years 163cm, MCA Prof Girl in Bangalore seeks prof qualified Groom in Bangalore Ctc:09313401006, send BHP Email: (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
Bengali senior IFS parents (Inter- caste, Hindu) - Tamil Nadu based,invite IAS/IPS/IES/IFS/IFos/ALD service, Defence Medico groom for 25yrs/150cm, fair,smart girl, Masters in History & Carnatic Music (Veena), Well- versed in Bengali,Hindi,Tamil, English. Caste/Language No Bar. Horoscope desirable. Email: (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
DELHI Settled fair 28/5'4'' Aswathi MCA (SWE)wkg MNC 5.2LPA father Nair Mtr Tamil 08130571013,07042579807 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
SUNNI MUSLIM parents settled in Chennai seek proposals from well-educated, broad-minded, well-settled prospective grooms for daughter - 27 yrs, 160 cms. Girl is a practising Muslimah, multi-lingual, good-looking, but not of slim build, working at a renowned publishing company. Contact / 09500198663. (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
MALAYALI CHRISTIAN 25/163cm B.Com,MBA Chennai seeks Educated Groom from Good Family. Ct:09791129009 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
NAIR GIRL 41 Fair Pooyam PhD BIOCHM Asst. Prof. USA Green card reloc. possible Professnls .09895824803 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
MALAYALEE VISWAKARMA Girl 38/150 MNC Manager, Issueless Divorcee From Chennai.Looking From a Well Settled Issuless Divorcee/ Widower Age between 39 to 45yrs Caste Nobar.8939118156, (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
HINDU PULAYA SC Girl, MBBS, DGO. Asst. Surgeon. 30/160, Karthika, Very Fair. Parents Central Officers retired. Financially sound. Doctor, Engineer, IAS/ Officers of SC/ST from Kerala/ India preferred. 0487 2308120, 09495238120 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
Nair girl/23/165cm/fair/B Tech Software Engineer, of aristocratic family seeks suitable alliance from employed professionals of below 29 years. North to Ernakulam origin preferred. Poorooruttathy/suddajatakam. 09446469440/ 09446409440. (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
MALAYALI VISWAKARMA Girl 26/163, 08/12/1988 11.20 AM Anizham, Vrischikam, M.Tech Proceeding for PhD Abroad.Ph,09446101047 Email, (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
HINDU ARAYA (OBC) girl, 20.2.1985, Chathayam/ 165, Msc Medical Microbiology, Mphil pursuing PhD in M.G.University, having external visiting lectureship. Fair dealings seeks suitable Hindu groom. Ph:9446482602 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
RETD. PARENTS(SC) of daughter 37/152, Manager(SBI)(MBE), Pooyam invites proposals. CNB. 08590808090, 0491 2556594 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
FORMER IAS Officer's daughter SC 30/163 Chithira, Ernakulam employed as Manager in State Bank. Caste and region no bar.09446548043/08606356700. (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
KANNUR NBR Girl 29/165 Bsc/MBA Rohini Sudham MNC Chennai seeks Alliance From Profnly qualfd Boys North Malabar Below 34yrs Ct:09841523006 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
Calicut based Thiyya girl, 41 Chithira, PhD, Scientist, working in a University in Chennai seeks alliance from qualified grooms. 04952354230, 9048636372, 09444388553 (Chennai) (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
Malayalee Ezhavagirl, 31/153 Revathi, issuless divorcee ,Manager,MNC Chennai seeks alliance from professionals 33 to 38 years. caste and language no bar. Chennai settled preferred. mob. 094441 53746 / 094452 07869 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
EZHAVA Girl 24/161 Very Fair,B.Com CA BankOfficer Nationalized Bank(Prefer degree & above) Ph-86087 40390 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
HINDU/NAIR 26/163 Makam, Wheatish BE/MNC Chennai employed Parents settled in Chennai. Contact: 9442104220 / 9176172901 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)
SENGUNTHA Mudaliar girl 27 153 MBA assistant manager Govt bank Chandigarh Rs 35000 pm seeks well educated vegetarian groom Govt PSU MNC Contact 09868203637 09968278075 (Published on Apr 19, 2015)



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