India will file a response within 10 days to the complaint filed by the U.S. in WTO, alleging discrimination in its execution of national solar mission, according to Additional Secretary in the Commerce Ministry, Rajeev Kher.

“The U.S. has sought a consultation in respect to domestic content policy of the National Solar Mission. According to the laid-down procedure, India has to respond within 10 days. We have received the notice, and will respond within the prescribed time period,’’ Mr. Kher said in a statement here on Thursday.

Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, said India had not violated the WTO norms and the country was not the one to go against the WTO. The issue raised by the U.S. pertained to only about 350 MW of solar capacity in the National Solar Mission, he said.

Mr. Kapoor said the maximum orders had gone to the U.S. companies during the award of last two batches under the solar mission.

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