Mobile phones, elevators, game machines, tractors, snow sports bikes and healthcare equipment share a common roof at Kaapelitehdas (cable factory) in Helsinki. Though diverse in their functions, the thread connecting these products is the highlight on industrial design.

Hi Design 2012, which is a part of the World Design Capital 2012 programme in Helsinki, showcases the talent of Finnish industrial design. As many as 14 Finland-based companies have displayed industrial products on 3,600 sq. m. area at the cable factory. Visitors can see and feel the products, and read about their main features to know more on the advantages of combination of design and technology.

Energy-efficient elevators with interior designing from Kone, Kemppi’s welding machines for modern welding workshop, Nokia’s mobile phones, Ray’s game machines with touch screens, and fully-motorised digital dental care from Planmeca are some of the exhibits. Design is about user experience. So, visitors can feel the product and the comfort of its design, says the exhibition tour guide. Screens placed in the exhibition area explain the significance of design in any product and the impact it has on the products’ functionality.

Design creates durable and pleasant products and environment. It increases the competitiveness of the companies and the brand value of the product, says one. “Hi Design 2012 presents the meeting point of design and technology,” says another.

The exhibition is on till September 2, 2012.

(The correspondent visited Helsinki recently at the invitation of Nokia).

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