Mother Dairy has revised milk rates in Delhi from Sunday, with a Rs.2 increase in full cream and toned milk price and an increase of Re. 1 in the cost of bulk vended tones milk, double toned milk and skimmed milk.

A Mother Dairy spokesperson attributed the price hike to increase in procurement prices and the necessity of providing farmers their fair share. “The recent increases in the procurement prices have to a large extent been necessary…to make dairying a viable economic activity. We see an increase in demand for milk and to ensure that production catches up, it is important that we ensure the producers get a remunerative price… [and] milk scarcity is not encountered in future. We are confident that the recent trend of rapid increases in producer price increases will stabilise,” added the spokesperson.

In an official statement, the milk brand further said the average dairy farmer is still small and marginal, and in order to sustain active interest in dairying for the new generation that has alternate earning opportunities, it is essential the farmers get their fair share. This will also bring in modernisation in dairy practices and keep it a viable and interesting business. The statement further said between 2000 and 2006, milk price was increased by 2 to 3 per cent, which was lower than the average inflation level of around 5 per cent. This was corrected during 2006 to 2011, when consumer price of milk increased by 10 to 11 per cent. But with a rising inflation level ranging from 7 to 15 per cent, this brought little help to the dairy farmers. The increase in labour costs and the other input costs over the years have not helped the farmer's cause.

The prices effective per litre of milk from Sunday are: Rs.37 for full cream milk, Rs.29 for toned milk (polypack), Rs.27 for toned bulk vended milk, Rs.25 for double toned milk and Rs.21 for skimmed milk.

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