As the Chinese economy is gaining clout, more Chinese firms’ brands will become top global ones in the next decade, Zhou Houjian, Chairman of China’s Hisense Group, said on Friday.

As the Chinese government is aggressively advocating a strategy of invigorating China through science and education, leading Chinese enterprises are making bold innovations and promoting “Made-in-China” products in the world market, Zhou said in his keynote speech at the four-day Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CES kicked off here on Thursday.

Zhou is the first Chinese entrepreneur to be invited to deliver a keynote speech at the CES since the show first started 43 years ago.

In his speech, Zhou expressed how Hisense became a rising star in the global consumer electronics market. He also envisioned how multimedia technologies and green science would improve the quality of people’s lives in the Internet era.

Moreover, he voiced his confidence in the future of the consumer electronics industry.

“There will be quite a number of Chinese-made products ranked as top global brand names in the next 10 years,” Zhou said. “More Chinese enterprises will become leaders in different industries and sectors,” he predicted.